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Learn Maven and Ant the easy way!

Learn Maven and Ant the easy way!

Learn Maven and Ant with easy practical examples for managing real time Java Projects

What you’ll learn

Learn Maven and Ant the easy way!

  • You will be able to talk on this subject confidently with colleagues
  • You will be comfortable using both Ant and Maven and you will stand on your own
  • Will know how to automate the build process and increase productivity
  • You will know how to manage dependencies


  • Some basic knowledge of XML
  • Some knowledge on Java Programming (If you don’t, check my awesome course on the same)


A must learn technology for Java Programmers!

This course is about Apache Ant and Maven

Apache Ant

Ant is a library that helps you automate the build process of a project.

Using Ant, you can have good control over your project to minute detail. We can accomplish it, by creating tasks.Ant offers a lot of builtin tasks, that will help you automate literally any typical project tasks like compiling the source code, copying the files to the server, packaging the project as an archive, etc.

Apache Maven

Apache Maven is a great project management tool that will not only help in automating the project build process but also a host of other things like, dependency management, versioning, etc.

We can keep enhancing the capabilities of Maven by incorporating additional plugins or even write our own custom plugins.

Who should take this course?

– People who want to learn every aspect of the most popular Project management tool (Maven)

– People who want to be productive in the workspace

After you complete the course– You will know how real-world Java projects are managed

– Will be able to stand on your own, in dealing with these technologies.

– You will be able to outsmart your colleges and you will be able to make valid arguments on the subject

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