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HMI SCADA: FactoryTalk View ME SE SQL Database Excel

HMI SCADA: FactoryTalk View ME SE SQL Database Excel

Step-by-step instructions on how to use FactoryTalk View SE ME Learn how to use Rockwell Scada Software to save time. Get started right now!

What you’ll learn

HMI SCADA: FactoryTalk View ME SE SQL Database Excel

  • SCADA Development Screens, MS SQL Database Setup
  • Controllogix, Compactlogix, Micro800, Micrologix, SLC 500, and FactoryTalk View apps may communicate with one another.
  • screens for setting alarms.
  • Export the tag database to Excel.


  • It is necessary to have a basic understanding of Rockwell PLC programming.


Explore Rockwell Automation solutions with us. This course will provide you with a thorough grasp of the fundamental values required to program and debug FactoryTalk View Se and ME.

Some of the questions we’ll address in this course are:

How can I connect my PLC to an Ethernet network and use FTView to interact with an HMI or SCADA system?


– What firmware version are you using?

– How does FTView Se vary from FTView ME?

– How to Update FTView HMI Firmware

– Pump Station PLC Logic Template built using Studio 5000 Version 32 and FTView 10, 11.

– Tag database creation and communication between FTView and MS SQL.

– Online PLC Support is also available to help with this endeavor.

I’ll be adding changes or videos from time to time to add additional portions as part of making this course the best it can be, but right now there are many hours of video instruction regarding FactoryTalk View SE and ME.

I operate a website and have a popular YouTube channel regarding PLC programming.

The teacher was a Rockwell Automation employee who was still planning projects throughout the United States.

Learn from someone who worked at Rockwell Automation and can help you with everything you need to know about RSLogix or Studio 5000.

Who this course is for:

  • Engineers, technicians, electricians, and operations personnel who are new to industrial automation.

HMI SCADA: FactoryTalk View ME SE SQL Database Excel

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