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Learn Basics of Staad Pro from Zero – Free Udemy Courses

Learn Basics of Staad Pro from Zero – Free Udemy Courses

A Basic Course for Civil Engineers to understand Staad Pro Software & Its importance in Construction Industry

What you’ll learn

Learn Basics of Staad Pro from Zero – Free Udemy Courses

  • Basics Commands of Staad Pro
  • Learn to Model Basic Structures
  • Learn Different commandsEffortad Pro
  • Learn to Model Basic Structures with fewer Efforts


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TAAD Pro’s full form stands for Structural Analysis and Designing Program. STAAD Pro is a structural analysis & design computer program that was developed by Research Engineers International (REL) in Yorba Linda, California in 1997. Today, STAAD Pro is one of the most popular and widely used software for structural analysis and design across the globe by Civil engineers. It supports all types of various steel, concrete, and timber design codes. Using STAAD Pro, civil engineers can design any type of structure, and later share the synchronized model data with the entire design team.

It ensures on-time and budget-friendly completion of structures and designs related to steel, concrete, timber, aluminum, and cold-formed steel projects, irrelevant to the complexities. STAAD Pro helps structural engineers to automate their tasks by removing the tedious and long procedures of manual methods. It allows civil engineers to analyze and design various types of structures on virtual platforms. Structural engineering firms, consultancies, various departments of construction companies, and government firms use STAAD pro extensively.

STAAD Pro helps the engineers in improving the structure, section, and dimensions. It offers faster methods of designing the structure. STAAD Pro is ideal for measuring a wide range of loads, such as Live load, Dead Load, Wind Load, Snow Load, Area Load, or Floor Load.

Learn Basics of Staad Pro from Zero – Free Udemy Courses

  1. STAAD Pro is capable of analyzing and designing civil engineering structures such as buildings, bridges, and plane and space trusses.
  2. This software can generate loads (wind and earthquake) as per the building codes of selected countries.
  3. Design of steel and reinforced concrete buildings as per the codes of selected countries can also be carried out with STAAD Pro.
  4. It can carry out linear elastic (static and dynamic) and nonlinear dynamic analysis (although I am not sure how good the nonlinear analysis algorithms are, not having used those features).

Who this course is for:

  • Civil Engineers, Planning Engineers, Quantity estimators, College students

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