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Laravel Payment and Subscription Processing: PayPal & Stripe

Laravel Payment and Subscription Processing: PayPal & Stripe

Use API calls to integrate PayPal and Stripe in Laravel. Start receiving online payments from a Laravel project.

What you’ll learn

Laravel Payment and Subscription Processing: PayPal & Stripe

  • Integrate the best payment platforms in your projects

  • Start receiving payments, integrating the platforms you need

  • Integrate PayPal into your projects, to receive payments online

  • Adapt your projects to use different payment platforms

  • Integrate Stripe to receive payments in your projects

  • Provide multiple payment alternatives to your users (platforms and currencies)

  • Handle payments in different currencies across multiple payment platforms


  • Have PHP installed and functional in your system (at least PHP 7.3 is recommended)

  • Have composer installed and functional in your development environment

  • Recommended, PHP basic skills

  • Everything else I will teach you how to implement it


Learn to integrate multiple payment platforms at once in the same


project, using as an example the most popular payment gateways (

PayPal and Stripe


Do you want to start receiving payments and subscriptions on your existing projects?

Me too. And in this course, I teach you how to achieve it without getting crazy in the process, using



Process payments with Laravel and the best payment platforms.

Let’s be honest; we currently don’t have time to go line by line reading and understanding the documentation to test and fail with each platform. For that reason, I guide you along with the direct pat in this course to integrate the current times’  best online payment and e-commerce platforms. EVERYTHING in the same Laravel project.

Receive recurring payments (subscriptions)

Don’t stop there. You will also learn how to process subscriptions for your users and receive recurring payments on any of your Laravel projects.

Billions of dollars have been raised online only in recent months. With this course, you can open up to your customers and users and start receiving online payments using the best PHP framework, Laravel, along with the best online payment gateways. As a use-case, integrate PayPal and Stripe (considering


) in Laravel (and more coming).

Why choose me?

Because I’m always there to enhance your learning 🙂

More than 18,000 students appreciate the effectiveness of my answers to all their questions and the more than 4,000 positive ratings prove it.

Because I not only teach you Laravel but how to solve real-world problems with Laravel.

What’s good about Laravel?

Laravel is the most popular framework for PHP. With Laravel, you can develop high complexity PHP applications quickly, which includes payment processing using the most popular payment gateways. During the course, you will see the enormous facilities that Laravel offers when implementing complex tasks. Of course, we are using the latest version of Laravel.

Why PayPal and Stripe?

It’s not just about PayPal and Stripe. In the course, everything will be perfectly adaptable to any additional platform that is added in the future or those you need to use.

Initially, PayPal and Stripe are used with Laravel because both, PayPal and Stripe, are the most popular online payment gateways globally and meet a huge portion of online businesses’ needs.

What about SCA?

Do not worry! I cover you on this too. SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) is a very important security requirement for some regions and it is a good idea to take that into consideration for your projects. In this course, I show you the details about SCA, Stripe, and Laravel. That way, your Laravel project will accomplish the SCA directives while using Stripe.

So join now to integrate the best payment platforms with Laravel and you will get this:

  • Integrate and receive payments with PayPal, directly using the PayPal API in Laravel
  • Learn Integrate and process payments with Stripe, directly using the Stripe API from Laravel
  • Integrate Stripe in Laravel, considering SCA
  • Accomplish SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) when using Stripe in your Laravel project
  • Build a payment platform that integrates MULTIPLE payment gateways at once in a single Laravel project.
  • It includes the essential steps to process payments from Laravel, not only with PayPal and Stripe but with any other platform.

Why take this course?

I prepared this course to explore the essentials when processing payments with Laravel, using the most important payment platforms.

The goal?

Simplify the process to integrate multiple platforms with essential steps. So, regardless of the platforms to use, the process would be quite similar and simple to carry out.

Exploring the different parts where developers “suffer” most by integrating payment platforms into any project. Especially when several are required at once.

You will want to complete this course since the first class.

Is this course for you?

This course is probably for anyone (expert or not). This course is for you if you meet any of these conditions:

  • You are a beginner or want to start using payment gateways to process payments on your online projects.
  • You are a Laravel or PHP developer and you want to integrate the best payment platforms in your projects.
  • Entrepreneur and you want to start creating your online services and receive money with them.
  • You are an expert in web development and you need to integrate multiple payment platforms in the same project, without spending time understanding official articles and documents.

The benefits you will get

  • The freedom to implement solutions once and let your products and services sell online without having to be there every time.
  • The feeling of professional growth and building real and incredible projects.
  • Build any Laravel project that can collect payments online automatically, using the most important payment platforms.

So that said all this…

Do not wait for more. The world moves quickly, and billions of dollars are raised completely online.

Offering multiple payment options online will help your users and simplify their lives.

Press the button and enroll today.

Join me throughout this process to integrate the best payment platforms available.

Who this course is for:

  • Developers with websites that need to integrate different payment platforms
  • Those who need to use the best online payment platforms
  • Those who need to integrate PayPal as a payment platform in their projects
  • Curious web developers regarding the usage of multiple payment platforms with Laravel
  • Those who want to use Laravel to process payments
  • Those looking to integrate Stripe as a payment platform
  • Last updated 3/2021

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Laravel Payment and Subscription Processing: PayPal & Stripe

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