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Installing the LAMP Stack and PHP Foundations on a Remote Cloud Server

Installing the LAMP Stack and PHP Foundations on a Remote Cloud Server

Foundations of Cloud Computing, Instance Deployment, LAMP Stack Configuration, Database Deployment, and PHP Fundamentals

What you’ll learn

Installing the LAMP Stack and PHP Foundations on a Remote Cloud Server

  • The advantages of using the cloud versus conventional on-premises data centers
  • Foundations of the Cloud Computing Service Model
  • establishing and using a Linode account.
  • Using TFA to secure a Linode account
  • Remote Secure SSH Key Pair Authentication to a Virtual Instance
  • The Linux Filesystem’s underlying principles
  • Upkeep and configuration of Linux
  • The basis of web servers
  • Database Transaction Standards and DBMS Foundations.
  • SQL vs. NoSQL database foundations
  • Installing and setting up the Ubuntu LAMP stack
  • testing Apache and MariaDB.

    Using Variables, Arrays, Functions, Loops, Conditional Statements, and More in PHP for Beginners.


  • Simple computing abilities.
  • No prior programming knowledge is necessary.


You will study the basics of PHP and the LAMP stack in this course. A well-known collection of programs used to provide high-performance web applications is collectively referred to as “LAMP.” Most often, LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.

The first section of the course provides a thorough overview of how to remotely set up and configure an instance using a terminal and terminal emulators like PuTTY. Students gain knowledge of the fundamentals of Linux and other Linux distributions, including Ubuntu, to power web servers safely. Students will learn several Linux directory and maintenance commands, as well as how to set up user accounts and disable root user access. Following that, we cover the fundamentals of database management systems and contrast SQL and NoSQL databases. We also talk about the CAP and ACID theorems, which are the two main standards for database transactions.

We teach how to install and set up the LAMP Stack on Ubuntu safely once students have a firm grasp of the concepts of cloud computing.

Who this course is for:

  • Students interested in cloud computing and cloud computing service models
  • Students who are interested in Cloud Services [IaaS] deployment and configuration of virtual instances
  • Students that want to study Linux’s foundations.
  • Students who are interested in studying the basics of databases and web servers
  • Students who want to install and set up the LAMP stack on Ubuntu.
  • students that want to learn PHP programming.

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