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Introduction to Telecommunication Business – Free Udemy Courses

Introduction to Telecommunication Business – Free Udemy Courses

Learning Telecom Business From Data

What you’ll learn

Introduction to Telecommunication Business – Free Udemy Courses

  • Datasets are collected and used by telecom operators.
  • Important KPIs in the telecom industry.
  • Telecom domain knowledge.
  • Wireless communication is basic.


  • No prerequisites.


Data is a big part of the telecom business.

Operators collect and use data extensively from monitoring performance to making decisions.

But if you think about it, it can work another way around.

We can try to understand the business by looking at important datasets used by telecom operators.

And that’s what this course is all about.

This course is for people who newly joined the telecom industry or planned to move to this industry.

It helps you to familiarize yourself with the context so that you can work and speak like an insider!

It also helps if you are currently working in the industry, you’ll be able to communicate clearly and drive new projects with the resources u never knew existed before.

This introductory course has a good balance of business and technical aspects.

To help you navigate the course easier, we split it into 3 main parts, Datasets, Important KPIs, and Domain Knowledge.



Part 1: Datasets

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Call Detail Records
  • Location Update
  • Performance Management
  • Network Inventory
  • SDK Dataset
  • Device Dataset
  • Customer Support Dataset

Part 2: Important KPIs

  • Growth KPIs:

    • Gross Add
    • Churn
    • Net Add
  • Subscriber Base KPIs:

    • Subscriber Base
    • VLR Base
    • RGB Base
  • Monetary KPIs:

    • Recharge
    • Revenue
    • ARPU
  • Network KPIs:

    • Call Setup Success Rate (%)
    • RRC Setup Success Rate (%)
    • ARAB Setup Success Rate (%)
    • Cell Availability (%)
    • Intra-frequency Handover Out Success Rate (%)
    • Inter-frequency Handover Out Success Rate (%)
    • Handover In Success Rate (%)
    • Call Drop Rate (%)
    • Average Downlink Throughput Per User (kbit/s)
    • Average Uplink Throughput Per User (kbit/s)
    • Cell Downlink Average Throughput (kbit/s)
    • Cell Uplink Average Throughput (kbit/s)
    • Cell Downlink Maximum Throughput (kbit/s)
    • Cell Uplink Maximum Throughput (kbit/s)
    • Downlink Traffic Volume (GB)
    • Uplink Traffic Volume (GB)
    • Average User Number
    • Maximum User Number
    • Resource Block Utilization Rate Uplink (%)
    • Resource Block Utilization Rate Downlink (%)
    • RSRP: Reference Signals Received Power
    • RSRQ: Reference Signal Received Quality

Part 3: Domain Knowledge:

  • Key Organizations
  • Evolution of Mobile Communication
  • Radio Frequencies
  • Signal Strength
  • Cell Phone Location

Who this course is for:

  • People who recently moved or planned to move to the telecommunication industry.
  • People who are currently working in the telecommunication industry.

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