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Improve your French Now – Free Udemy Courses

Improve your French Now – Free Udemy Courses

A series of videos and audios on different topics with exercises to improve your French

What you’ll learn

Improve your French Now – Free Udemy Courses

  • Better understand real spoken French.
  • Improve listening and comprehension skills
  • Learn about France and French culture
  • Improve and expand vocabulary level


  • This course is in French, you need some basic French knowledge.

  • There are PDF files, you will need a PDF reader.


In this course, you will have a series of videos on different topics (France, French culture, idioms, interviews, and stories). The objective is to get immersed in real spoken French to improve your listening skills, your global comprehension, and your general French level.

In each section, you will have a video where I talk about different topics or I interview people. You have the transcript as well, to help you understand the spoken language. After listening to the video and reading the transcript, you will have exercises.

If you have already studied a little bit of French and you want to improve your French, this course is for you!

Who this course is for:

  • this course is for intermediate level or advanced beginners.
  • it is not for beginners.

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