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IFTTT automatic logical control – Free Udemy Courses

IFTTT automatic logical control – Free Udemy Courses

IFTTT commands automatic logical control by sensors

What you’ll learn

IFTTT automatic logical control – Free Udemy Courses

  • Automatic control pump by water level sensor
  • Automatic control siren alarm sound by motion sensor
  • Automatic control valve by the soil moisture sensor
  • Automatic control siren alarm by door magnetic sensor
  • Automatic control fan by ds18b20 temperature sensor
  • Water level automatic control by the programmable logic controller
  • Gas valve automatic control siren alarm by the gas sensor


  • Understand the basic knowledge of electronic


Make your old light switches smart with the KC868-COL logical controller and KC868-Hx relay controller for smart home automation DIY.

1. KC868-COL cooperates with the KC868-Hx relay controller to work as an automatic control system.

KC868-COL is the AI brain and KC868-Hx is the actuator. The KC868-COL uses the IFTTT command locally without the Internet.

2. Watch all sensor data on the PC in real time and do automatic control as a user preset.

3. Like a PLC controller, it does not need professional technology to program, it’s easy to use.

4. It has 16 digital inputs, 16 analog inputs, and 5 temperature DS18B20 sensors.

5. Support multiple control modes: A: relay ON, OFF, and status switch; B: send custom command by RS232 custom command auto control with third-party equipment

6. Automatic control all runs locally without Internet, no need cloud server.

Protect user data privacy.

7. Support many kinds of sensors, such as temperature, humidity, pressure, light, pH value, water level, soil temperature, and humidity, ammonia, noise, air quality, human infrared, smoke, gas, door magnetic, etc.

8. User can create MAX 50 automatic control command save to KC868-COL.

Examples of logical control applications:

1. if you want to water for 10 minutes at 10 a.m. every day, you can create a command:

IF Timer=10:00AM THEN relay1=ON delay 600 seconds relay1=OFF

2. If you want to automatically pump water when your water tank is empty, you can create a command:

IF Water Level=0 THEN relay1=ON

3. If the soil humidity in farmland is less than 40%, 32 valves need to be controlled to open automatically, you can create a command:

IF soil humidity is less than 40 THEN relay1=ON,relay2=ON,……….relay32=ON

4. If you create multiple conditions for automatic control, you can create a command:

IF (A more than x) and (B less than y) and (C more than Z) THEN action

The above command is set by KC868-COL’s PC software.

Who this course is for:

  • Students, project managers, engineers, entrepreneurs

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