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IELTS 7+ Band WRITING Complete Prep by the best IELTS Expert

IELTS 7+ Band WRITING Complete Prep by the best IELTS Expert

A complete IELTS 7+ Band prep for Listening Reading Writing & Speaking for Academic & General Training (9 Band strategy)

What you’ll learn

IELTS 7+ Band WRITING Complete Prep by the best IELTS Expert

  • Tips & Techniques to get 7+ Band in IELTS Writing & Speaking

  • Get IELTS 9 Band sample Writing Bank for Academic & General tests

  • Skills to boost your Speaking up to 8+ Band

  • Achieve your desired & unique Band score requirement e.g. 8777

  • Unlimited access to real-time IELTS Writing & Speaking evaluation around the world

  • Over 10,000+ successful IELTS candidates around the world

  • Understand the marking scheme of the IELTS examiner

  • Know specific tips for each difficult Question type in the Reading module

  • Hacks to get straight 9 Band in the Listening module

  • Access to assignments & marking as per IELTS examiner

  • Updated course material in the year 2022

  • Time management techniques in IELTS Reading and Listening


  • Average or Intermediate English Language skills


Welcome to a Band 9 strategy IELTS preparation course by the IELTS expert

Why should you learn my lesson?

I have been training people for

12 years

. My official affiliations and certifications from the

British Council, IDP & AEO,

and numerous success stories of 7+ Band scores around the world authenticate very well that my course will boost your

IELTS score


This course content has already helped

thousands of candidates

to get their

IELTS done in up to 9 bands

. So, don’t worry, it will lead you toward your

targeted Band

score easily. Over 12 years, my candidates reported back to me with the good news that they improved their IELTS  Band from 5.5 to 7.5 in Speaking & Writing and rose from 6 to 9 Band straight in Listening and Reading.

If you are still struggling to get your

immigration and study visa

processed just due to IELTS preparation, then leave your stress behind of getting it because you have landed on a


My course accomplishes end-to-end solutions to all the problems and confusions of


modules. I will not leave any stone to persuade you of the challenges and differences between

IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training.

You will also get to know the relevant

vocabulary and grammar

which will accelerate your scores dramatically.

Are you still away and struggling to get a 7+ Band score in IELTS?

Find out your situation from the given ones and feel the difference yourself;

You selected a course but it did not lead you to the desired band in the IELTS exam

  • It often happens with IELTS exam learners but our candidates never faced a such challenge in preparation as our techniques always enable people to figure out what to do and what not to achieve their targeted band score.

You hired a trainer but you eventually found his/her teaching inaccurate

  • You will ever find our tips perfect to achieve a band 9 in your IELTS exam as our candidates have successfully secured up to 9 Bands in their final exams. This proves our skills matchless among other trainers.

The trainer, you learned with, didn’t give you sufficient practice material

  • You will get enough updated course material and assignments to practice which will be sufficient to meet the apex of the IELTS exam.

You did assignments but the trainer did not check/mark them

  • Here with me, candidates get their assignments marked and checked to get a real evaluation of their IELTS, especially in the case of Speaking & Writing.

You have attempted IELTS many times but still, you are behind your target

  • It is because your trainer did not highlight the loop wholes in your minor errors which can be pointed out only by an expert of IELTS.

You are not able to achieve a unique combination of IELTS scores e.g L8 R7 W7 S7 and L6 R6 W6 S6.

  • Again, there is a technique to follow to get these unique combinations of IELTS scores. So I am going to share these techniques in my course as well.

There are so many other mistakes that candidates make while attempting their actual IELTS examination. My course is going to cover all those tips and tricks which will be enough to fulfill the requirement of your final exam.

Main Features of my course:

  • Training for each module separately
  • up to 140 hours of extensive learning and practice
  • Mock tests with marking and remarks

  • Sample Essays/Letters/Reports from the desk of the examiner.

  • Updated Course material.
  • Exercises and Quizzes

  • FREE access to a worldwide participants group

  • FREE access to the global Speaking evaluation program

  • FREE access to the global Writing evaluation program

  • Explanation of Questions by the trainer
  • Home assignments and marking
  • Online support
  • Excellent Audio/Video streaming
  • Speaking module evaluation
  • Writing module evaluation

  • IELTS Speaking 7+ Band strategies

  • IELTS Writing 7+ Band strategies

By the end, you will:

  • identify your weak areas
  • aid your grey areas with proper guidance
  • be able to understand the requirements of the IELTS examiner
  • understand the differences between myths and the right strategies for the IELTS exam
  • be able to attempt IELTS within two weeks
  • have completed all necessary 7+ Band Writing techniques
  • have learned all tips to cross 7+ Band in Speaking
  • be able to finish up a Reading module in time with corrections
  • be able to understand to score Listening module answers to perfect 8 Band

Organization of Course:

My course is divided into major 5 sections:

  1. IELTS Mindset

  2. IELTS Reading

  3. IELTS Listening

  4. IELTS Writing

  5. IELTS Speaking


  • Reading & Writing

    modules of


    are separately mentioned in major respective sections.

  • Reading & Writing

    modules of


    are separately mentioned in major respective sections.

Who this course is for:

  • Immigration & study abroad seekers
  • All professionals and students eager to appear in IELTS
  • People aiming to get CLB 9 & CLB 10 in IELTS
  • Engineers willing to study abroad & migrate to Australia, Canada, Newzealand & the UK
  • Businessmen willing to study abroad & migrate to Australia, Canada, Newzealand & the UK
  • Doctors willing to study abroad and get residence in the UK
  • Information Technology Professionals willing to study abroad & migrate to Australia, Canada, Newzealand & the UK
  • NOT for essential English Language Learners

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