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How To Start Your Reiki Business – Free Udemy Courses

How To Start Your Reiki Business – Free Udemy Courses

FREE Reiki Success Tips In Business

What you’ll learn

How To Start Your Reiki Business – Free Udemy Courses

  • Students that have graduated the Quantum Reiki: From Basic to Quantum at your level, will be taught in this course how to go from practitioner to business owner and educator. This course will also provide students that are not affiliated with Reiki but want to learn, a way to get involved and then start their practice.


  • Anyone interested in learning the practice of Usui Ryoho Reiki and Quantum Reiki can take this course. Graduates of the “Quantum Reiki: From Basic to Quantum …” That who are interested in expanding into a business and educators should take this course as well.


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In this– free –course, you will receive information on how to become a reiki practitioner by clicking over to my online Udemy course, “Quantum Reiki: From Basic to Quantum in 24 hours”   or less because you can go at your own pace! 🙂  You will learn in this class how to join at least 10 different professional Reiki associations around the globe so that you can network with other like-minded people and learn from them. You will learn tips on how to successfully make money online and how to put your best foot forward when starting your own Reiki practice either private practice or working for someone else.

Most people stop when they have taken a course. They just stop and never expand their knowledge. The difference between the super successful and those that just stay average is that the super successful keep learning. Once a super successful person hits their target goal, they realize they are not done. They might have reached the top of the first mountain they climbed, but realized they are standing on a plateau looking at the next mountain they should go after and climb.

Students turn into masters, but masters always remain students in life.

This course will be one hour or less of your time but will provide you with useful information to help you get started in your Reiki career or expand your Reiki career to the next level.

Get started now!

I look forward to seeing you on the course!

Dr. Tiffani L. Hume D.B.A., J.D.

Who this course is for:

  • Reiki Practitioners, Those interested in the practice of Reiki, and Graduates of my Quantum Reiki: From Basic to Quantum … ” course.

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