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How to Create Viral YouTube Videos

How to Create Viral YouTube Videos

Master this Simple 9 Step Formula to Go Viral (with Added Breakdowns of What the YouTube Algorithm Looks for in Videos)

What you’ll learn

How to Create Viral YouTube Videos

  • How to create viral YouTube Videos

  • How to create viewer binge sessions (the key to audience growth)

  • How to create videos with the best chance to get millions of views

  • How the YouTube algorithm currently works

  • The two mains things that make YouTube videos go viral


  • Internet access

  • A computer

  • A desire to create YouTube videos


In this course, we’ll cover how to create viral Youtube videos.

This course is NOT a specific prescription that promises every video you create will go viral.

Instead, you’ll learn key concepts that will give your videos the best chance to go viral.

And, if you create videos with these concepts consistently in mind, it’s just a matter of time until your videos…..well….go viral!

This course can certainly help beginner Youtubers understand important metrics they should be focusing on in order to get more views.

But it’s mainly geared toward at least intermediate Youtubers that have some experience creating videos already. If that’s you, you’ll get the most out of this course.

You’ll learn…

  • What makes a Youtube video go viral (according to the algorithm)
  • Non-negotiable things you must do in order to create videos that have a chance of going viral
  • Why you should create your title and thumbnail first
  • Why viewer binge sessions are the key to Youtube growth and viral videos (and what they are)
  • This an unspoken question you need to answer every video so the audience actually listens to you
  • A 9-step formula that will give your videos the best chance to go viral
  • How to find trending topics and create videos that are currently in demand

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone that wants to learn YouTube
  • Anyone that wants to better understand the YouTube Algorithm (currently!)
  • Anyone that wants to grow their YouTube Channel
  • Anyone that wants to get more views on the YouTube videos
  • Anyone that wants to learn how to create viral YouTube videos

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