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Getting started in 3D Animation – Free Udemy Courses

Getting started in 3D Animation – Free Udemy Courses

Create professional-level, 3D character animations in record time for a variety of applications.

What you’ll learn

Getting started in 3D Animation – Free Udemy Courses

  • Import 3D Characters
  • Quickly Animate 3D Characters
  • Create dramatic fighting sequences
  • Import 3D props
  • Setup scenes & stages in minutes
  • Learn Basic Scene Lighting
  • Manipulate Basic Camerawork


  • Download and install iClone and 3DXchange Software – TRIAL, STD, PRO, or PIPELINE

  • Download iClone


This course is designed to teach you how to create professional 3D character animations without having to spend months, or years, learning the ins and outs of other complicated 3D software. In just weeks, you will be able to get ahead of the game by learning to exploit the power of a real-time 3D engine, to maximize your time and project completion. 100% GUARANTEE!

Different from other 3D tools, iClone is designed for instant visualization and digital storytelling. Its unique real-time animation engine gives you 10 x faster production speed by giving you what you see without having to wait. Its content-driven director layout is logically defined with Stage, Set, Actor, Animation, Media, and Export tabs so that you may easily allocate resources during creation. iClone is not only the ideal tool for studios, live TV productions, and previsualization but it also allows anyone to be their director by animating without any hassles of creating content from scratch!

There is a free trial version that users are welcome to download to go through the entire course. Just to be clear, this course is not to promote sales of the software or content, but instead to show users that there are easy ways to create 3D character animations for any use.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is designed for ANYONE regardless of their age, or artistic or animation experience.
  • Teachers, Students, 3D Animators, video game creators, video producers, previz artists, and everyone can benefit from this course.

Getting started in 3D Animation – Free Udemy Courses

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