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Full Stack Ecommerce App With React, Redux, Firebase 2022

A full-stack eCommerce app can be made with react, redux, and firebase firestore.

What you’ll learn

Full Stack Ecommerce App With React, Redux, Firebase 2021

  • Without a backend, you can’t make complicated apps.
  • The Firebase Firestore and Authentication are the two things you need for this.
  • With Redux, you can keep track of your state.
  • Responsive and easy-to-use UI.


  • Basics of Javascript.
  • Basics of React


This front-end JavaScript library is free and open source. It lets you build user interfaces with UI components.

In 2014, Google bought the platform, and it is now their main tool for making apps.

It gives a lot of the features and modules that an app developer needs as a service, so they don’t have to make them from scratch.

It has everything you need, from a scalable database to powerful analytics libraries. Firebase is not a replacement for backend development. Instead, it is a tool that backend developers and engineers can use to improve the app’s experience without having to write complicated code or think about how the app will work.

Because Firebase is a good place to store your files.

Firebase has a lot of interesting features, like:

  • In real-time.
  • Security is built in.
  • Email and password authentication are used.
  • Static File Host

When it comes to making a mobile app, this is one of the most important things to think about. You have a big advantage in very competitive markets if people can use your apps and new features as soon as they can.

Who this course is for:

  • Full-stack developers are people who work on everything from the ground up.
  • They work with React.
  • Developers of the MERN Stack