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Explore Bluetooth Low Energy ( BLE ) Fundamentals in Weekend

Explore Bluetooth Low Energy ( BLE ) Fundamentals in Weekend

Getting Started with Bluetooth Low Energy Protocol Layers and its fundamental concepts

What you’ll learn

Explore Bluetooth Low Energy ( BLE ) Fundamentals in Weekend

  • Bluetooth Low Energy Fundamentals

  • BLE Application and Profile

  • The BLE Architecture and Layers

  • BLE Radio Layer

  • BLE Link Layer

  • The BLE Logical Link Capability Adaptation Layer

  • BLE Attribute Protocol

  • BLE Generic Attribute Profile

  • The BLE Generic Access Profile

  • BLE Security Manager and Key distribution


  • C Language Programming

  • Embedded System Basics


In this course, we will explore the different layers of Bluetooth low energy specification. We start exploring from very low hardware Radio Layer up to application layer of Bluetooth low energy. Bluetooth Low Energy is evolving and used in a wide range of applications starting from Personal Area Networks to Smart Automation Networks.

Here we concentrate currently on Bluetooth Low Energy Personal Area Networks and its layers like Radio Layer, Link Layer, L2CAP layer, Attribute, General Access Profile, Generic Attribute Protocol, Security Manager, Host Controller Interface Layer, and application layers.

This course also provides step by step implementation of Environment Sensing service development starts from advertising, simple GATT connection, adding BLE standard profile, adding characteristics, read and notify properties, reading data from DHT11, and update data every 5 seconds, and also includes notification.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Bluetooth Low Energy System Developer
  • Embedded Firmware developers
  • Embedded System beginners
  • Last updated 1/2021

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