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Examining the Donk Bet

Examining the Donk Bet

Dealing with a donk bet is a skill you’ll need to master.

What you’ll learn

Examining the Donk Bet

  • What to look for in a competition.
  • Why is donk leading beneficial to tiny draws?
  • Analytical statistics
  • The breakdown of the opponent’s HUD
  • Loss-prevention strategies
  • Identifying flaws in your opponent’s strategy
  • Why don’t you try a donk-lead pair?
  • How can we tell whether someone is a donk-bettor or not?
  • Analysis of Flopzilla
  • I played a dreadful draw.
  • Donk takes the lead with a flush draw.
  • Three-bet semi-bluffing with one pair in a three-way pot
  • I’m going to start with the huge blind.


  • Basic understanding of the game of poker tournaments


Are you fed up with other players betting on you for virtually no reason?

Stop allowing them to have the lead!

With this series on donk betting, you can make more money after the flip!

You’ll learn why you should lead with top pairs, sets, flush draws, and backdoor draws in this video strategy tutorial.

Learn how to use size tactics to remove the pot even if you’re out of place.

Also, figure out which turn cards and players are worth assaulting and which should be avoided.

Find out all of this and more!

In order to prepare for this course, I played more than 2,000 real tournament hands with buy-ins that ranged from $20 to $5,000.

When applied correctly, donk betting is a powerful strategy. You must know when and how to donk bet, as well as how to cope with donk bets when they are used by your opponents.

You will be able to add additional tactical techniques to your poker arsenal after completing this course.

Who this course is for:

  • Players that compete in tournaments develop their skills.
  • In tournament play, poker players are always looking for fresh tactical maneuvers.

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