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Energy Engineering_II – Free Udemy Courses

Energy Engineering_II – Free Udemy Courses

Power Plant Engineering_II

What you’ll learn

Energy Engineering_II – Free Udemy Courses

  • I will learn about the basics of Condenser
  • Will be able to learn the components of Condenser
  • To study the Types of condenser
  • Merits and Demerits of Condenser


  • Mechanical Engineering subject experience is essential, particularly knowledge of Power Plant Engineering is required.


Unit 2: Steam Condenser  of Thermal Power  Plant


Steam Condenser: Necessity of steam condenser, elements of steam condensing plant, classification, cooling water requirements, condenser efficiency, vacuum efficiency (Numerical Treatment), cooling towers, air leakage and its effects on condenser performance, air pumps (Numerical Treatment for Air Pump capacity)

The said course is a part of Energy Engineering subject.  What are a condenser and its role in a thermal power plant have been described in detail in two video lectures. And numerical based on the condenser and air pump are explained in the other two video lectures. To support the video lectures, resource files are also attached so that learners will be able to get a clear understanding of condensers and they can write and also be confident to solve the problems on condensers and air pumps.

In this course we are dealing with Unit- 2 Part-A of the Syllabus described in a promo video lecture. Video lectures are uploaded as per availability and also as per Udemy’s free course structure. I will upload other video lectures after getting ready. Here again, requesting to give feedback on the course to get an idea about uploading the remaining videos.

Objectives of the course

To get conversant with the working of condensers, types, merits, and demerits, sources of air leakages, and their effects on the performance of condenser. Efforts to reduce air ingress in the condenser. Toys of Air pumps and the numerical of the condenser and air pumps are discussed in the said course.

Who this course is for:

  • The course is intended for Third year / final Year Mechanical Engineering Students
  • BE Mech and TE Mechanical Students and also Diploma Mechanical Students

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