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Elixir and Phoenix are used for JWT authentication

Elixir and Phoenix are used for JWT authentication

Elixir is the stack that runs Whatsapp, Discord, etc., so it’s a great way to get into functional programming.

What you’ll learn

Elixir and Phoenix are used for JWT authentication

  • Find out how to use Elixir and Phoenix to implement JWT-based authentication in a RESTful way.
  • We have everything you need: register, login, logout, and protected routes.
  • A hands-on class with no theory There are no slides, just VS-Code and Postman.
  • Explore the technology stack that runs our own WhatsApp, Discord, Pinterest, and similar apps.


  • You need to know the basics of Elixir, PostgreSQL, or any other relational database. You can pick up Phoenix along the way.


Use JWTs to authenticate users in Elixir. Whatsapp, Discord, Pinterest, etc. all run on ErLang in one way or another.

We’ll use Elixir’s great MVC framework for building backends and full-stack projects, the Phoenix Framework. Phoenix is more like Express for Node.js, but of course, it’s way cooler. Well, Elixir is better than any other programming language I use, but one thing at a time.

Who this course is for:

  • Amateur developers of Elixir and fans of functional programming

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