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Docker Containers on MikroTik RouterOS

Docker Containers on MikroTik RouterOS

Run Container applications on MikroTik RouterOS without the need for a dedicated server or virtual machine

What you’ll learn

Docker Containers on MikroTik RouterOS

  • Know the requirements for having containers on MikroTik

  • Install the Container package on the MikroTik RouterOS

  • Install PiHole container on MikroTik RouterOS

  • Install Adguard container on MikroTik RouterOS

  • Install Uptime-Kuma container on MikroTik RouterO


  • Good knowledge of MikroTik RouterOS

  • Preferably MTCNA certified


The container is a new technology that became famous quickly in the last few years. For this reason, MikroTik engineers have added the Container feature on their newer RouterOS v7.5 allowing us to run containers on top of the RouterOS.

But what is a container exactly? What is the benefit of running containers? What is the difference between a container and a virtual machine? How can we run Container packages on RouterOS? This course will explain all those questions and much more in-depth.

I will start 1st explaining the idea of the container, then show the difference between containers and virtual machines; then I am going to show how you can run the container package on RouterOS. After all this, I will install container applications to run on RouterOS.

I am going to show you how you can run the following container applications on RouterOS:

  • PiHole
  • Adguard
  • Uptime-Kuma

Of course, the list can go much bigger, but I am sure you know I cannot show how to install all container applications on MikroTik RouterOS. For this reason, I have chosen those three known applications and run each on a container on MikroTik RouterOS, then test them to see if they are working properly.

This is the 1st complete course available online showing everything you need to know about containers and MikroTik RouterOS.

I hope you will join the course and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who would like to install Container packages on MikroTik RouterOS

Docker Containers: The Full DevOps Experience Path

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