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DP-100 Azure Machine Learning in Python-Basic to Advance

DP-100 Azure Machine Learning in Python-Basic to Advance

Machine learning workflow orchestration to automate model training, deployment, and management processes using python.

What you’ll learn

DP-100 Azure Machine Learning in Python-Basic to Advance

  • Azure ML Architecture
  • Train a Machine learning with Azure ML in python
  • Attached is Storage with your Azure ML
  • Deploy real-time machine service
  • Azure Auto ML
  • Azure Designer Studio


  • A free or paid subscription to Microsoft Azure is required. It may ask for a Phone and/or Credit Card for verification
  • Python Basic knowledge


This course has been designed keeping in mind entry-level Data Scientists or no background in programming. This course will also help the data scientists and python developers to learn the AzureML.
The environment could be cloud or on-premises

This course is designed based on the latest changes done in DP-100 Certification.

This course would also be useful for the experts who need to know how to create and deploy a machine learning environment in production.

In this course, student will learn to:-

Create a free Azure account and how to access AzureML studio

We will learn the complete architecture of Azure Machine learning

How we can create a virtual env for python using an XML file in your local machine

How to deploy ML in azure and do real-time prediction

We will cover how to create a machine learning pipeline and how to do hyperparameter tuning

We will also learn how to implement Azure Auto ML

How to create a complete machine learning lifecycle without writing a single code with the help of azure machine learning studio.

Understanding of the components and how they work together to assist in the process of building, deploying, and maintaining machine learning models.

Provision an Azure Machine Learning workspace

Use tools and interfaces to work with Azure Machine Learning.

Run code-based experiments in an Azure Machine Learning workspace.

Who this course is for:

  • Developer or data scientist execute model in Azure
  • Developers who want to start a career in or wants to learn about the exciting domain of Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Business Analysts who want to apply Data Science to solve business problems
  • Last updated 7/2021

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