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Develop your PHP programming skills

Develop your PHP programming skills

Are you prepared to advance your web development abilities? It contains workout files and six hours of training.

What you’ll learn

Develop your PHP programming skills

  • Study functions, time and date, logging, and debugging.
  • Find ways to reuse code by feeding functions and returning data from functions.
  • Learn how to manipulate strings.
  • Using the PHP exception handling mechanism, handle runtime errors.
  • Learn about database connection techniques.
  • Utilize SMTP to send emails.
  • Discover Smarty Templates.
  • Learn about well-known frameworks like CakePHP, Yii, Zend, and Codelgniter.


  • A text editor and a thirst for knowledge.
  • Knowledge of PHP already.


You’ll learn the power of PHP as you expand your website-building abilities throughout this 6-hour advanced PHP course. Your qualified teacher will use hands-on lectures, code examples, and exercise files to make sure you understand the ideas and give you real-world experience.

Learn about functions, date and time manipulation, debugging, and application logging by following along. You learn how to read and parse data from a CSV file, as well as how to use strings, REGEX, runtime error handling, file resources, and file data manipulation.

Learn how to access databases and recognize design patterns by using the mail function, PEAR, the PHP Extension, Application Repository, and cURL, a library that allows HTTP requests.

The advanced PHP course that is still going on has lessons on web services, introspection and reflection, Smarty Templates, sessions, several PHP frameworks, and some best practices for PHP.

Are you prepared to advance your PHP abilities?

The PHP for Beginners course is continued in this one.

Exercise files, tests, and completion certificates are all included in the course.

Who this course is for:

  • Website developers.
  • Is anybody looking to expand their current PHP expertise?

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