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Laptop Schematics: Learn How to Read Motherboard Schemes

Laptop Schematics: Learn How to Read Motherboard Schemes

Basic electrical wiring and a circuit diagram are shown in this course for people who are just starting out with electronics and laptop repair.

What you’ll learn

Laptop Schematics: Learn How to Read Motherboard Schemes

  • Make sure you know how to look for signals and voltages on the motherboard, too.
  • To learn how to read any laptop scheme;
  • How to figure out what’s wrong with a laptop’s circuit diagram;
  • Tips and tricks on how to read schematics; secrets, symbols, and tips and tricks on how to read them
  • Understanding the pin configuration of ICS
  • In this video, we show you:
  • It is important to know the signal name and more.


  • None of that is required. Everything you need to know will be taught to you.


Why should you take this course?

  • The course will teach you everything you need to know about how to read and understand laptop motherboard schematics in great depth.
  • One-on-One Help;
  • The course isn’t very long, so you can finish it quickly and then enjoy your new experiences;
  • It’s always getting better.
  • Explanations that are simple and easy to understand with examples.
  • A certificate will be given to you when you finish the course;
  • You’re going to learn about the circuits on the motherboard, so keep reading.
  • Following the motherboard’s signals is something you will learn how to do, as well.
  • Learn how to draw schematics: You’re going to do that.
  • You will learn and master all the symbols for the parts of the motherboard.
  • During this class, you’ll become a better player.

We’re going to talk about a lot of different things in this class:

  • Terminology and a list of what’s inside
  • The Block Diagram of the Motherboard
  • The motherboard’s power sequence
  • How to Track the Main Power +VBAT on the motherboard
  • PWM pin configuration for the Charge IC
  • Testing Point on the laptop motherboard
  • Circuit for the laptop battery, or battery
  • The Circuit diagram mastery: 3V and 5V circuit diagram skills
  • +VCCP circuit diagrams to look at
  • Plus, you can read the CPU circuit diagram.
  • VDD and VTT are the power sources for the RAM circuit diagram; you can read about them here.
  • Circuit diagram reading of the CPU socket, CPU parts, and the parts of the socket
  • In Northbridge, you can read circuit diagrams for graphic cards.
  • The Circuit Diagram Reading and Architecture in Southbridge
  • Circuit diagram reading for the motherboard’s ports and plugs.

If you take this class, you will also learn a lot of hardware skills that will make you a hardware expert and give you a lot of knowledge about how to fix laptops.

Throughout this course, I will be your guide. I will explain things to you in a way that is simple.

In this class, you can learn about one of the things we talked about before.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners are interested in learning how to fix motherboards.
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to fix laptop schematics and motherboards.

Laptop Schematics: Learn How to Read Motherboard Schemes

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