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Data Structures and Algorithms in Python

Data Structures and Algorithms in python Course

Coding and concepts building of many data structures and algorithms like Linked List, Trees, Stack, Sorts and much more

What you’ll learn

Data Structures and Algorithms in python Course

  • Covering Linear and Non-Linear Data Structures
  • Data Structures like Tree, Binary Search Tree (BST), Linked List, Stack, Queue, List
  • Strong grip over multiple data structures and algorithms.
  • Visual explanation and Coding of Sorting Algorithms like Selection Sort & Insertion Sort
  • Detailed analysis of Binary Search Tree (BST) and Linked List.


  • Requirements for this course are basic coding understanding like loops and if else conditionals.


This course Data Structures and Algorithms in python includes explanation of various data structures with coding examples, provided with detail explanation of code side by side with concept building.

Most important Data Structures like

Linked List, Binary Search Tree, stack are explained in detail with concepts made easy to understand.

Algorithms like

Selection Sort, Insertion Sort are part of this course.

This course is for students who want good understanding of data structures and algorithms and want to understand code.

By taking this course students will be able to use these skills to write and understand data structures in other languages as well, because concepts build from this course are very generic regarding Data structures and Algorithms.

Students can get this course to understand Algorithms and Data structures.

This course is not only about writing code but there are more above code that is “Explanation of working of Algorithms”, when you understand how its working then its easy to get grip over Algorithms and Data Structures.

Data Structures and Algorithms in python.

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Data Structures and Algorithms in python Course

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