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CSWP SOLIDWORKS Animation Tutorials

CSWP SOLIDWORKS Animation Tutorials

Animation and SolidWorks Tutorials for Complete Beginners

What you’ll learn

CSWP SOLIDWORKS Animation Tutorials

  • Animation in SolidWorks: Basic to Advanced.
  • key moments and display states in animation.
  • animation, utilizing In-Context animation, mates, and motors.
  • animation of walkthroughs and camera views.


  • No prior knowledge of animation software is necessary. The only audience for this course is novices.



An introduction to SolidWorks Animation is covered in this course. Your quest to become a CAD animation engineer will begin with this course. In order to cover almost all of the subjects required in industries, we made this course as broad as we could. This course is based on SolidWorks 2021. You won’t have any issues with the previous version of SolidWorks or the new version since it is a whole new version.

Why do you need to enroll in this course?

First off, a professional specialist with more than 4 years of teaching experience who understands how to help students comprehend every instrument and subject created this course.

By moving a component to a specified place and dragging the time bar along the timeline to a certain moment in time, you may create an animation.

The component is moved by the Motion Manager at a predetermined time from its starting location to the position you specify.

Improve your professional trajectory.

Advancement Opportunities for CAD Animation Engineers

Increase your output.

A Summary of What You Will Discover?

Basic Animations

Rotate & Explode View animation.

Animation and View Orientation

present states.

Contextual Elements

Basic Movement

camera views

Interactive Animation

Who should take this course?

Those who want to master the fundamentals of SOLIDWORKS Animation

People who are interested in learning more about CAD Animation

Individuals who use their SOLIDWORKS skills to advance in their careers

Architects, engineers, craftsmen, and amateurs

those who wish to make a profession out of CAD animation.

CAD Designers.

Who this course is for:

  • Novices with an interest in CAD animation

CSWP SOLIDWORKS Animation Tutorials

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