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Chemistry Students Need to Know: The Metric System

Chemistry Students Need to Know: The Metric System

Length, Mass, and Volume for the Science Student

What you’ll learn

Chemistry Students Need to Know: The Metric System

  • Give examples of standardized abbreviations that eliminate ambiguity.

  • Chart the relative size of prefixes in the metric system.

  • List the metric unit of measurement for length, mass, and volume.

  • Gain a sense of scale and sense of magnitude for the metric system.

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the metric system which is essential for every first-year science student.


  • No requirements or prerequisites.


You’ve heard of the metric system. You’ve measured with the metric system. You may have even grown up using the metric system. But are you prepared to use the metric system in CHEMISTRY CLASS?

“The English system has cooler names for things – stone, rugs, quarts, ounces, furlongs, leagues – but the nice thing about the metric system is that it is extremely consistent.” -Professor Lehman

Length, mass, and volume all have English measurements, as also metric measurements. You do need to know both for your SCIENCE CLASS. So even if you have never measured in inches or ounces, you need a familiarity with the English system to work with it on CHEMISTRY PROBLEMS.

You will also get a cheat sheet with all the metric system key terms you will need in your SCIENCE CLASS.

Take this quick course to get a solid foundation for your chemistry class. You don’t want metric confusion to slow you down in your chemistry class in high school or first-year university. Have a firm foundation in the metric system so you can succeed in chemistry class!

Pay attention – Professor Lehman has a sly sense of humor!

Don’t rely on YouTube to get your chemistry knowledge. Professor Lehman knows exactly what CHEMISTRY STUDENTS need to succeed in chemistry class!

CHEMISTRY STUDENTS NEED TO KNOW is a series of courses to help CHEMISTRY STUDENTS succeed in chemistry, wherever they take chemistry! Look for other courses in the series.

Who this course is for:

  • First-year university chemistry students.
  • High school chemistry students.
  • People who want to study science.
  • Teachers called to unexpectedly teach a high school, chemistry class.
  • Students who want a head start on their chemistry class.
  • If you want to be a stronger science student, this course gives you a firm foundation.
  • Physics students in high school or college.

Chemistry Students Need to Know: The Metric System

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