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Comprehensive Guide to Final Cut Pro: Part Six – Free Udemy Courses

Comprehensive Guide to Final Cut Pro: Part Six – Free Udemy Courses

Part Six: View and Reassign Roles, Set Up Captions, Create and Organize Libraries, and Share Finished Projects

What you’ll learn

Comprehensive Guide to Final Cut Pro: Part Six – Free Udemy Courses

  • Learn how every control works in Final Cut Pro
  • Utilize shortcuts to speed up your editing workflow
  • Discover tools in Final Cut Pro that can save time and effort
  • Master the entire Final Cut Pro workflow: Import, Export, and everything in-between
  • Adapt and solve common issues that arise while editing videos
  • Expand your vocabulary with valuable terms used in the video editing world


  • No experience is required. This course is meant for all video editors from absolute beginners to seasoned editors.


Welcome to our Comprehensive Guide to Final Cut Pro! Whether you’re just starting, or you’ve been editing videos for years, our bite-sized tutorials will teach you the fundamentals of this revolutionary software.

In an increasingly digital world, video editing is an amazing skill for any creator to have in their arsenal. Final Cut Pro is one of the best video editing packages for creating small clips to multi-million dollar movies, and it’s available for a reasonable price to anyone with a Mac.

In Part Six, we’ll cover how to view and reassign roles, turn roles on and off, create custom roles and subroles, change role colors and names, assign audio roles during import, and use audio lanes for organization; how to set up caption roles, create and import captions, show or hide captions, adjust and arrange captions, format caption text, convert captions to another format, export captions, and fix caption errors; how to relink missing clips, consolidate media, create optimized and proxy media, enabling or disabling background rendering, create, open and close libraries, move items between libraries, and move libraries between Macs; how to share projects to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, or Apple Devices, export master files, still images, image sequences, export roles as separate files, and create share destinations.

Once you’ve finished Part Six, check out Part Seven, in which we’ll cover Color Corrections and 3D Titles.

Don’t forget to check out Pixel Film Studios for helpful Final Cut Pro plugins to take your videos to the next level. Check out our library of over 2000+ plugins on our website.

Who this course is for:

  • Video Editors or anyone looking to begin using Final Cut Pro or expand on their current knowledge.

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