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Complete Yoga Program For Becoming Your Highest Self – Free Udemy Courses

Complete Yoga Program For Becoming Your Highest Self – Free Udemy Courses

Create Your Reality with Yoga – Postures, Breathwork, Meditation, and more! Harness Prana and Meditate on the Chakras

What you’ll learn

Complete Yoga Program For Becoming Your Highest Self – Free Udemy Courses

  • Use of technology to attain Samadhi – Spiritual realization as instructed in the teachings of Yoga – Unity
  • Mastery over life with all its aspects, both internally and externally.
  • Manifest anything you desire, and break from the shackles of limiting beliefs and fears.
  • Sankhya Philosophy – The study of metaphysics (24 elements of the Universe)
  • King Of All Meditations – Preserved through the ages
  • Powerful Yogic Postures Routine, to vitalize your body as handed down by the Illumined Sages
  • Learn to harness and master the Prana – Life Force (Vital Energy) to become limitless and boundless in all avenues of life


  • No prerequisites. While the effects of the program are transformational, they’re simple enough for anyone with the effort and commitment to follow through.

  • Practice and Consistency are prime factors of success with this formula.



Welcome to a Complete Yoga Program For Your Highest Self,

You create your reality, whether consciously or unconsciously. Now you can become a creator of your life, as opposed to just being a piece of creation, going about by the wimps of the collective; habitual, and culturally unconscious tendencies.

Now you can become the miracle you desperately have sought outside of yourself because in truth there is nothing or anyone beyond you, your Highest Self. Our eternal fire of truth is ever the same, although we go through motions and waves in this physical embodiment.

Yoga removes the veil which has covered our truth; playing a game of hiding and seeking through lifetimes until we are finally ready to start yoga practice in all of its facets, not just physical, which is one limb of Yoga.

Whatever your reason for landing on this course, let this assure you that your wishes have been answered, but this can only be experienced directly by you, not merely told by another. Hence this very straightforward course for you to start practicing the science of Yoga and experience the wonders that the exalted, enlightened souls have always talked about, and today millions of people are seeking holistic, alternative methods to live life with vibrancy, purpose, and joy, while fearlessly forging ahead and manifesting your desired reality or reach the highest attainment of life, which is Samadhi, Self-realization, Spiritual Enlightenment.

This course covers all 8 limbs of Yoga;

  • Yama & Nyama – Starting from the Do’s and Don’ts of right spiritual action
  • Asana –  Postures, supremely powerful energy (pranic) generator routine for a healthy, strong, and vibrant body
  • Pranayama – Breathwork Learn to harness the constant energy in motion, which is called also the life force (vital energy), make illnesses, diseases, mental fluctuations, and other impurities of the mind and body a thing of the past
  • Pratyahara – Learn to sublimate the senses for your highest good, as opposed to being a slave to one’s senses
  • Dharana – Develop unwavering focus and concentration, which will help to attain anything in life, both spiritually and materially.
  • Dhyana – Meditate on the King of Meditations, preserved and praised by all enlightened souls of the past
  • Samadhi – Self-realize and become the creator of your reality

Through the study of Sankhya Philosophy (Study of metaphysics) you will come to learn how the Universe which is made of 24 elements operates, and how does this sense of “I” come into existence? What is the soul? What is the ego?

Learn about the dwelling place of the soul, and the importance of our cerebrospinal axis which has its corresponding energy centers we may have heard of – by the name Chakras -Psychic Energy Centers.

You will also learn about Chakras, how to meditate on the Chakras, what routine to follow and how to progress, and dietary recommendations for a Yogic lifestyle.

Learn about the current state of Mental Wellness and the great need for Yogic practices to transcend the limitations and afflictions of the mundane world – One can live in the material world, but not be of it.

ALL glory and credit for the immense teachings within the contents of this course go to Sri Krishna, Shiva AdiYogi, Mother Goddess Durga, Rishi Patanjali, Rishi Vyasa, Sage Kapila, Paramahamsa Yogananda, Jesus Christ, Sivananda Saraswati, Satyananda Saraswati, Kriyananda, B.K.S. Iyengar, Veda Bharati AND ALL OTHER YOGINS WHO HAVE EXPOUNDED THE SCIENCE OF YOGA, out of compassion for other souls to find a home, find our eternal truth, that which is everything.

Atha Yoga Anushasanam – And Now begins the practice of Yoga

Who this course is for:

  • This has your name written on it, if you want to transform the very fabric of your reality consciously, become a humble master of this game called life.
  • For whom? If you’re ready to commit to a daily schedule and ready to experience “heaven on earth”, the bliss and emancipation, that enlightenment brings, then this program is for you!
  • Level of Program? All levels – regardless if you’re a beginner Aspirant to a true Advanced Yogi, as the practices don’t lose their power, as we become more attuned, we tap into the infinite potential of these seemingly simple, yet powerful beyond measure practices.
  • How much time is needed? Time commitment is flexible, according to your level of Intensity, which is measured by the duration and consistency of your practices, which speed up the process.

Udemy Free Courses

Complete Yoga Program For Becoming Your Highest Self – Free Udemy Courses

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