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Building F5 BIG-IP Lab for Free – VMware Workstation – Free Udemy Courses

Building F5 BIG-IP Lab for Free – VMware Workstation – Free Udemy Courses

Use for load balancing simulation, network/application testing, or preparation for any f5 certification exam!

What you’ll learn

Building F5 BIG-IP Lab for Free – VMware Workstation – Free Udemy Courses

  • F5 BIG-IP Installation
  • Virtualization
  • Network Virtualization
  • F5 BIG-IP Basic
  • Load Balancing
  • Networking


  • Basic Networking Knowledge

  • Basic VMware Workstation Knowledge

  • Running Linux in VMware Workstation


This course is designed to assist you to build your F5 home lab using VMware Workstation

You will be guided to complete easy steps like downloading and installing necessary Software such as BIG-IP Virtual Edition and web servers.

I will demonstrate the tuning and configuration of most of the components

Also will be doing some basic testing just to make sure we are doing everything right.

F5 BIG-IP is the most widely implemented Application Delivery Controller globally. It became popular as a Load Balancer appliance but it can also do many things such as  SSL off-loading, Web Application Firewall, SSL VPN concentrator,  DDoS Solution, and many more.

Target Audience

Network Engineers

Aspiring Network Engineers

Network Automation Engineers

F5 Specialist

System Administrators

Security Administrators


The lab is built using VMware Workstation. We will not talk about how to install it.

We will not talk about networking basics

We will not talk about the F5 concept in detail

We will not talk about Python Automation

Nothing but to assist you to build F5 BIG-IP Lab

This is a FREE Udemy course and we have a limited time of 2 hours




Part 1: Installing Nested ESXi

Part 2: Deploying F5 BIG-IP

Part 3: Deploying Client and Server

Part 4: F5 BIG-IP Setup Utility

Part 5: Testing Load Balancing and API


Application Requirements

VMware Workstation

Putty – SSH

Remote Desktop Connection

Linux or MAC OS X (VM or Your working OS)

Provided OVA/OVF Templates

Nested VMware ESXi

F5 BIG-IP Virtual Edition 13. X, 14. X or the latest

Windows Client

Training Server

Minimum System Requirement

CPU – Quad Core

RAM – 8G for the Lab (4G for a single F5 BIG-IP)

Disk – 50G for the Lab

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Network
  • Beginner Linux
  • Beginner F5 BIG-IP
  • Beginner Load Balancing
  • Intermediate F5 BIG-IP
  • Advanced F5 BIG-IP

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