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Build a Tycoon Business Sim in Unity3D: C# Game Development Course

Build a Tycoon Business Sim in Unity3D: C# Game Development Course

Learn Unity 3D and Important C# Design Patterns by building a fun Idle Business Game Similar to ADVenture Capitalist!

What you’ll learn

Build a Tycoon Business Sim in Unity3D: C# Game Development Course

  • Create an Idle Business Tycoon Game in Unity3D Using C#
  • Improve Game Development Skills by Using Important Design Patterns
  • Create a Game User Interface in Unity 3D 5.0 UI Tools
  • Extend the Tycoon Game with Additional Features such as Managers & Store Upgrades
  • Complete 100% Source Code with Tons of Comments
  • BONUS: Idle Game Data Generator and Custom Inspector for Advanced Students!


  • Have Unity 3D installed and Understand the Basics of Unity 3D
  • Previous Programming Experience is not Required but is Preferable
  • Totally New Programmers Should Expect to Watch Videos Multiple Times and Supplement Their Knowledge


I have just uploaded a new build that is saved in Unity 2018.2.1.f1. This may make it easier for some people who are loading the game into the newer version of Unity.  You can find it under Resources in the First Lecture!

Also, I have prepared another lecture that focuses on refactoring some of our design to better decouple our UI objects. It will be edited and uploaded in the next few days.

In this course, you will learn how to create an Idle Business Tycoon Game from the ground up that is similar to games such as ADventure Capitalist, Web Tycoon, and Cookie Clicker. But more importantly, this course is designed to teach critical game development concepts and design patterns popularized by the Gang of Four.

You can play AdVenture Capitalist on Kongregate to get an idea of the core gameplay you will learn to create in this course.

  • More than 12 Hours of HD 1080P Instruction!
  • Learn Important Unity 5.0 UI Concepts
  • Great for Beginning to Intermediate Level Game Programmers (Now includes advanced bonus content)
  • Produced by Odoo Class Videos – Experts in Enterprise Development Tutorials
  • Starts off with simple C# that even a beginner can understand… end up with a full feature idle game!
  • NEW SUPER BONUS – Generate Idle Game Data with custom Unity3d Inspector!!

Do you enjoy playing Tycoon and other Simulation or Idle games? Do you know a little bit about C# and Unity3D but would like to take your Development Skills to the next level? If so, this course is exactly what you are looking for.  Ambitious beginners will enjoy this course.

Course Overview: This course focuses on core Game Design and Programming Principals. We use the tools in Unity 3D to create the Interface and Artwork is all from Creative Commons. Our game design only roughly borrows from many of the idle Business Tycoon type games such as AdVenture Capitalist, Cookie Clicker, and Web Tycoon. By the end of the course, you will be able to customize the game as you please and we look forward to you sharing your tycoon creations with us.

This course starts at the beginning but ramps up quickly to teach you important Game Design Patterns that you must know to write professional games:

Beginning Skills:

  • Learn how to create a Unity3D Project
  • The entire project is created step-by-step. Start at the very beginning!
  • Perfect for those that are new to Unity and Programming in General
  • Start right away using Unity 3D’s newest UI tools to create a working tycoon store
  • Write your first C# script and learn the basics of variables, IF statements, creating a Timer, and other simple programming concepts
  • Create an Animated Progress Bar to Show your Store in Operation
  • Video exercises along the way help reinforce what you are learning

Improving Your Business Tycoon Game Features and Your Development Skills:

  • Upgrade the Game Design to Handle Multiple Stores
  • Create a Game Manager to Better Track Money in the Game
  • Learn to Implement Math Functions to Calculate Your Next Store Cost
  • Add an Icon for your Store and Learn to Create Dynamic Buttons
  • Learn Important Beginner C# Structures and Basic Unity 3D Game Development

Taking Your Game Development Skills To the Next Level:

  • Designed to take you through important design patterns to improve your development skills
  • Improve Your Game Manager with the Singleton Pattern
  • Use Delegates and Events to implement the Observer Design Pattern
  • Refactor your Tycoon Game into a UI Manager
  • Use Unity Prefabs to dynamically create your stores at run time
  • Learn to Load Game Data from XML! Critical to allowing gamers to create mods
  • Learn to build a State Machine within the UI Manager to handle the various interface states within your growing Tycoon Game
  • Create a Managers Panel to extend the basic game design and provide a template for you to continue adding features to your business tycoon game
  • Perfect for those who wish to see how to implement real game designs so you can apply them to more advanced systems and future Tycoon games

This upgrade will include many new features that are found in commercial idle clicker games including:

  • New video Lectures covering both functional and technical aspects of the game
  • Learn how to save and load game progress
  • Calculate idle profits (make money when the game isn’t even running!)
  • Create a screen to display profits while you were gone
  • Learn how to create Scrollviews
  • Improved Screen Design and Layout Tips
  • Create games with unlimited stores!  (memory & CPU limitations apply)
  • Use the new multiplier button for buying multiple stores at a time
  • Calculate earnings per-second for your operations
  • Big number descriptions for up to 300 exponents!
  • Handle “Angel” investors or “Transcendence” also known as NewGame+
  • New lectures on how to set up and implement your Idle Tycoon Business Simulation

SUPER BONUS – Generate Idle Game Data with custom Unity3d Inspector!!

  • Generate Idle Game Data to create procedural generated stores, managers, and upgrades
  • Load and Save Game Template settings to easily generate new game designs
  • No need to hand key store data and upgrades… Adjust parameters to generate the idle game data
  • Data stored in human-readable XML to be easily modified and tweaked as desired

New Learning Opportunities!

  • Upgraded course video content that reviews the technical upgrades of the project
  • Static methods and properties
  • Using constants
  • Loading game data from XML
  • Use PlayerPrefs to save game state
  • Loading configuration and store names, managers, and upgrades from CSV
  • Build a custom inspector
  • Better division and integration between game models and UI
  • Improved performance and smoother gameplay with threading and coroutines
  • Using Setters & Getters to protect your class properties
  • Using LINQ with ArrayLists
  • Tons of comments throughout all the code
  • New Lectures that cover all the new content

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone Interested in Building an Idle Business Tycoon Game similar to AdVenture Capitalist
  • Designed for Ambitious Beginners Who Wish to go Quickly From Basics to More Intermediate Game Design
  • For Beginner to Intermediate Level: Step-by-Step How to Build the Core Gameplay from the Ground Up
  • Intermediate Programmers who Wish to Learn Design Patterns and Refactoring Techniques
  • Content Form:

Build a Tycoon Business Sim in Unity3D: C# Game Development Course

(Size: 3.4 GB)

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