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Bootstrap 5 Mastery Course: From Zero to Hero

Bootstrap 5 Mastery Course: From Zero to Hero

Learn how to use HTML and Bootstrap 5 to create engaging websites.

What you’ll learn

Bootstrap 5 Mastery Course: From Zero to Hero

  • You’ll learn about the new features and ideas introduced by Bootstarp5.
  • Navs, Forms, Grid, Flexbox, Container, Row, Column, Buttons, Tab Menu, Margin, Padding, and much more will be covered.
  • You’ll learn how to use Bootstrap 5 to create completely responsive websites.
  • Gutter, scroll spy, and toast recipes will be covered.
  • This course will teach you how to utilise Google fonts and Font Awesome icons.
  • For CSS, Javascript, and Bootstrap, you’ll learn how to employ CDN URLs.
  • You’ll see how JQuery has been replaced with JavaScript in Bootstrap5.


  • The Basics of HTML


This course will teach you how to use HTML and Bootstrap to create any kind of website. We’ll begin the course by learning about some of Bootstrap 5’s new features before moving on to create our website. First, we’ll add the CSS and Javascript CDN links, and then we’ll look at how Bootstrap5 has replaced JQuery with Javascript. Then begin creating the various website components. We’ll start by creating the NavBar, then a lovely carousel section, then the About Us section, My Journey part (using Bootstrap5 card logic), Services section, Gallery section, Offers section, Contact Us section, and finally the Footer section. In this video, we’ll go through new features in Bootstrap 5, including Gutters, Tooltips, Scrollspy, and the Grid system.

Finally, we’ll review all of the components we’ve created and determine whether or not our website is truly responsive. We’ll also show how to employ Javascript logic to let our components take data dynamically. We’ll also learn how to create a single page for a component and maintain the contents linked to each other.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in learning HTML and Bootstrap 5 to become a front-end developer should attend.

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