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Blender: Learn how to create realistic furniture unit

Blender: Learn how to create realistic furniture unit

Step by step we will learn how to create a simple furniture unit from start to finish with Marwan Hussein.

What you’ll learn

Blender: Learn how to create realistic furniture unit

  • How to model simple furniture unit
  • How to add materials and use image texture
  • How to setup the environment and render the scene
  • How to make post-processing for the final image with the compositor


  • Download Blender 3 and, that’s it.


Hello everyone in this course we will learn how step by step creates a furniture unit with Blender 3, it’s very important to learn how to create your 3d models by yourself, maybe you can sell them or use them in your project, so it’s very important to know how to use the software in the right way to create your object.

In this course we will go through modeling, unwrapping, and adding materials and lights after that we will render the scene and make the final image, not just that, we will go to the compositor section to make the final post-processing to tweak the colors and have a nice final result.

This is all about the course in general, but about the details, we have a lot of details.

In the modeling section, we will learn how to extrude, how to use knife cut, how to use inset, and a lot of tricks that help you to speed up your modeling ability.

we will learn as well how to use Bevel modifier with harden normals check box to fix the object shading and get the best result of shading, and there is a lot of stuff in the modeling section you can check.

After that, we will unwrap the objects with a fast method to get fast results to make the materials and apply the textures correctly on the objects.

In the lighting section, we will learn how to add the lights and how to use HDRI images to illuminate the scene.

We will add a nice background with a transition from Black to white colors to give our result a more interesting looking.

When all of that is done we will render the scene with cycles and learn how to get a nice shoot, after that when everything is done we will render the scene and open the compositor to add the final effect to get a better render result.

And here we reached the final part of this course, the whole course will be less than 2 hr, I hope you enjoy it.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for students who want to learn to create furniture on their own, and for students who want to create 3D models.

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