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Best practices & advanced TypeScript tips for React devs

Best practices & advanced TypeScript tips for React devs

Are you a React developer trying to get the most benefits from TypeScript? Then this is the course for you.

What you’ll learn

Best practices & advanced TypeScript tips for React devs

  • How to get the most out of TypeScript when writing React applications

  • Configure TypeScript in an even stricter mode

  • Validate data in a TypeScript-friendly way at the application boundary

  • Use better constructs than casting to inform TypeScript about the types used


  • A basic understanding of React

  • A basic understanding of TypeScript


In this interactive course, I will show you how you can get more out of using TypeScript when developing React applications.

Using some simple techniques and settings will help a lot in how TypeScript can check our application code. And when TypeScript can do a better job of checking out code it will catch many more potential errors and reduce the amount of runtime bugs. A short feedback cycle is one of the main benefits of getting TypeScript to do this. Seeing possible bugs when you are writing the code and being able to address those immediately is much more productive than doing so months later when a user reports that bug in production. And a bug that never reaches production makes for happy users and other stakeholders 🙂

We will start at the basics and examine the pros and cons of different ways you can declare React components using TypeScript. After that, we will move to more advanced concepts where we will go beyond the strict setting of TypeScript. You will learn when to use types like any, unknown, and never. We will explore the use of type predicates, guards, and exhaustive checking. You will learn about the built-in mapped types as well as how to create your own new type map utilities. And we will start programming in the TypeScript type system using conditional types and type inferring.

After this course, you will be able to make your applications much more reliable.

Who this course is for:

  • React developers who want to build more reliable applications
  • React developers looking to upgrade their TypeScript skills
  • TypeScript developers looking to upgrade their React skills

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