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Financial Ratios Simplified : A practicle guide – Free Udemy Courses

Financial Ratios Simplified: A practical guide – Free Udemy Courses

This course is for accounting and finance students. This course covers various types of financial ratios with examples

What you’ll learn

Financial Ratios Simplified: A practical guide – Free Udemy Courses

  • In this course we would be discussing the following ratios :
  • 1. Return Ratios – ROE and ROA
  • 2. Valuations – P/E, P/BV, P/CF
  • 3. Margins – Gross profit and net profit ratio
  • 4. Liquidity – Current and Quick ratio
  • 5. Dividends – Dividends payout and a dividend yield
  • Time series ratio analysis of Google, Tesla, and Alibaba
  • Cross-sectional ratio analysis of the Cannabis Sector


  • Basic understanding of financial statements


In the course, we will cover,

1. Activity Ratio

2. Profitability ratios

3. Dividend ratios

4. Valuations

5. Solvency ratios

6. Coverage ratios

7. Return ratios

8. Margin ratios

9. Liquidity ratios

We will then discuss time series and cross-sectional ratio analysis

We will then take examples of Google. Tesla and Alibaba to understand ratio analysis

We will also do a cross-sectional analysis of weed stocks

Assignment: Use the attached excel sheet to do a ratio analysis of a company of your choice

Who this course is for:

  • Accounting and Finance students
  • business students

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