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Azure Real World Hand-on Training For Beginners.

Azure Real World Hand-on Training For Beginners.

Azure Real World Hand-on Training For Beginners.

What you’ll learn

Azure Real World Hand-on Training For Beginners.

  • Learn what is Microsoft Azure.
  • Learn how to create users in Azure.
  • Learn about the basics of Azure CLI.
  • Learn to deploy Azure Windows Virtual Machine.
  • Learn to deploy Azure Linux Virtual Machine.
  • Create a BLOB Storage Account and work with BLOB.
  • Create a Budget and Alert in Azure.


  • No experience is needed. You will learn everything you need to know with step-by-step lab demos.

  • You just need to have a Free Azure Account.


This course is designed to get new users up and running with Azure in no time at all. The course has live real-world live hands-on demos that you can follow step by step and no previous Azure experience is needed. All you need is a Free Azure Account.

Today, cloud computing applications and platforms are rapidly growing across all industries, serving as the IT infrastructure that drives new digital businesses. These platforms and applications have revolutionized how businesses function and have made processes easier.

This course will give you the basic knowledge, skills, and confidence to begin your Microsoft Azure certification journey and hopefully encourage you to get Microsoft Certified.

This course is designed to help you get familiar with Microsoft’s Cloud Services, Azure, the course teaches you the basic overview of Microsoft Azure.

You will learn the below in this course.

  • What is Azure?
  • Deploy a Window Virtual Machine in the portal.
  • Deploy a Linux Virtual Machine.
  • Deploy a Windows Virtual Machine using the Cloud Shell.
  • Deploy a Storage Account.
  • How to work work with BLOB Storage.
  • Create Users in Azure.
  • Create a Budget and Alerts in Azure
  • Create, list, and delete resources.
  • Reset a Virtual Machine Password.
  • Why get Azure Certifications?

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who want to learn Azure and get some real-world hands-on training.

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