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Automated Machine Learning for Beginners (Google & Apple)

Automated Machine Learning for Beginners (Google & Apple)

Build powerful models with Google AutoML and Apple CreateML, which make it easy to learn AI.

What you’ll learn

Automated Machine Learning for Beginners (Google & Apple)

  • Learn how to do automated machine learning with Google Cloud AutoML and Apple Make ML.
  • There is no need to write a single line of code to make good Machine Learning Models.
  • Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and Regression are three areas where you can help.
  • Find and solve real-world machine learning problems.
  • Build an AI-powered app for Android, iOS, or both. It doesn’t have to be fancy.
  • As part of your course project, come up with your own idea for your own product.


  • There are no prerequisites for this class: it’s great for beginners.
  • A computer with a connection to the internet.


The first step on your AI journey is to use Automated Machine Learning!

This class is about giving you the big picture of AI: how to quickly make AI machine learning models. Leave the math and Python coding to the side and focus on what really matters!

Course design ensures that students will get the best cognitive learning results.

Richard Shinn, a PhD in AI and the CEO of AIBrain, is the person who came up with this course. He made the whole course structure so that students could learn how to think. First, they learned by looking at examples, then they learned about denotational semantics and operational semantics. This two-step method is very useful when we have to deal with the complexity of real-world problems.

Learn how to do things by hand.

From the very beginning, you will learn how to do things for real. You will learn how to make Machine Learning models with AutoML by following the lab teachers in the class. In this course, you will learn how to make an AI-powered mobile app that works. “What I can’t make, I don’t understand” is a rule that we follow. We start teaching practical knowledge from the start.

It is important to improve your skills.

All labs will have practical homework assignments that you must do in order to fully understand them. During the course, there are homework assignments for each lab. These assignments help you improve your skills and learn new ones.

Gain a Certificate from an AI Company that is a Leader.

A certificate from a top AI company will help you start your AI career off right! When you finish the course, you will be given a certificate of completion that has been checked by a third party.

Build your own ML model as part of a term project.

As part of this class, you will come up with an idea for an AI-powered product that uses Machine Learning. Make a low-fidelity prototype of an AI app before you make a custom machine learning model for your idea with AutoML, which is a tool that helps you make AI apps.

Take a look at your progress.

Quizzes are a way to check how far you’ve come and how well you understand what you’re learning. This will help you keep track of your progress and make sure you understand the main ideas.

Add people to your professional network

Keep in touch with your peers and use a professional network of AI experts to help you. In our community, we have a special channel for people who took our course and did well.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who don’t know how to write programs or work with computers.
  • If you want the process of machine learning to be done automatically, you can use this tool
  • A career in AI or machine learning is good for students who want to work in these fields.
  • Professionals who want to learn how to use Machine Learning in their jobs.
  • Anyone who is just starting out in Machine Learning, or who wants to learn more.

Automated Machine Learning for Beginners (Google & Apple) –

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