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An Introduction to Safeguarding Children – Free Udemy Courses

An Introduction to Safeguarding Children – Free Udemy Courses

Finding out the basics – introduction to Safeguarding and Child Protection

What you’ll learn

An Introduction to Safeguarding Children – Free Udemy Courses

  • To understand what safeguarding children mean
  • To know the different levels of child protection


  • To be able to read instructions and slides


This course gives you a basic idea of what Safeguarding and Child Protection are, what the guidance and legislation tell us, what sort of events have contributed to the need for restorative action in children’s social care, and what the different levels of need look like.

This would work well as an introduction to the field of Safeguarding Children, before taking the Level One course.

And the plus side is, that you could then skip to part four of our Level One Course when you do choose to complete it.

Who is it for?

Anyone considering taking the Level One course if you work with children or parents or even come across them as part of your role – you must safeguard and protect them.

School staff, police staff, fire, social care, childminders, taxi drivers, park attendants, sports coaches, tutors, and just about anyone!

Why me?

I was a Primary Educator for over 16 years, I am a Mum of 2, I am an experienced Safeguarding Training Officer, and highly rated Udemy teacher!

What next?

Level One Safeguarding Training

What do I need?

A pen, paper, and people who you can chat with and reflect on what you have learned.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who comes into contact with children
  • Beginners in childcare
  • Frontline workers

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