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Adobe Lightroom: Edit & Create Extraordinary Landscape!

Adobe Lightroom: Edit & Create Extraordinary Landscape!

Learn how to create Amazing & Stunning Landscape and Nature photos from Start to Finish in Adobe Lightroom 2022!

What you’ll learn

Adobe Lightroom: Edit & Create Extraordinary Landscape!

  • Learn & Improve your Landscape and Nature photos in Lightroom 2022.

  • Learn & utilize all the tools available in Lightroom 2022; Dramatically improve your Landscape and Nature photos.

  • Create extraordinary photos, and stand out from the crowd!

  • Course conduct with complete Photo Editing Sessions: Learn from Start to Finish!

  • Learn Masking & Selective Edit to edit the different parts of your photo with different adjustments.

  • Learn Tone Curve & Lighting adjustment.

  • Learn Colour adjustment & Colour Grading.


  • Basic knowledge of Lightroom is preferable. Those without experience are welcome, you will learn with a detailed explanation

  • You will need the Adobe Lightroom application. You can download Trial Version from the Adobe website if you do not have it.


Learn how to edit & create extraordinary Landscape and Nature photos with Adobe Lightroom 2022! Shooting Landscape and Nature is never easy, with unpredictable weather and challenging work to reach the location, sometimes we just do not get the results that we have imagined. But with photo editing, you can greatly improve your photos and proudly share them with the world!

Adobe Lightroom is a powerful tool that is used by many professional photographers out there. It allows you to create and transform your photos to how you want them to be, turning the image in your mind into reality. Editing and creating your style to stand out from the crowd, be different, and be the best.

This course will show you step-by-step from start to finish how I edit Landscape and Nature photos with the tools available in Lightroom, and how to use them all to create your unique style and photos. You do not need to have much knowledge in Lightroom, this course will guide you through 10x Full Photo Editing Sessions with the RAW files provided to you to practice along with me during the course.

By the end of this course, you will learn:

  • Landscape and Nature photo editing process from start to finish
  • Create amazing Landscape & Nature photos with Lightroom 2022
  • Adding Moods and Feelings to your photos
  • How to correct & improve Lightings in your photo
  • Color correction & Color adjustment
  • A color grade your photo
  • Add effects & sharpen your photo
  • Selective editing using the Masking tool to greatly improve your photo editing workflow
  • Import photos for editing
  • Export photo after editing

Join me and start learning today, create your unique photo and stand out from the crowd.

Look no further, this is the only course you ever need!

Who this course is for:

  • Great course to learn how to edit and improve Landscape & Nature photos.
  • Great course for beginner photographers or any regular person to learn photo editing.

Adobe Lightroom: Edit & Create Extraordinary Landscape!

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