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A 3DS Max to Twinmotion transition in interior design

A 3DS Max to Twinmotion transition in interior design

Learn how to use 3ds Max and Twinmotion to quickly create a realistic interior animation.

What you’ll learn

A 3DS Max to Twinmotion transition in interior design

  • 3ds Max scene setup and export.
  • Twinmotion camera and light settings.
  • Material Creation is the twin motion.
  • Scene composition for Twinmotion.
  • Twinmotion Static and Animated Renders.
  • The integration of Datasmith, Twinmotion, and 3ds Max.


  • Twinmotion until 2020.2.


In this lesson, we’ll look at a quick process from 3ds Max to Twinmotion that produces a 20-second 4K animation. You can set up all you need in under an hour, and in seven minutes, you can have everything you need for an interior animation.

establishing the lighting and framing, generating all the necessary materials and tools, exporting the scene to Twinmotion, setting it up in 3dsmax and Vray, and producing both static and animated outputs.

Users coming from other programs may take the course. The first three lectures cover 3ds Max specifically. The remaining steps of the course are handled internally in Twinmotion once the file has been exported to fixed.

Users who desire a great outcome without devoting endless amounts of study time to learning the settings for material lighting and rendering management can enroll in this course. In this regard, Twinmotion is exceptional; you’ll be amazed by how simple its composition and route are to follow.

Remember that Twinmotion is this: it is rendered in real-time; it will be very challenging to find speeds of this type in realities other than the Epic Company, which distributes solutions in real-time. Forget the settings of the traditional render engines, but also forget the render times of the easier-to-use render engines.

The instructional materials include Twinmotion 2020. 2 or higher suitable workout files.

Note that the exercise files for “004 Localization” and “018 Install Datasmith and Export the Scene” are included in the lecture.

Updates: There are six new lessons on handling files between 3ds Max and Twin Motion utilizing Datasmith links to keep the two programs in sync in the “Direct Link 3ds Max and Twinmotion” section.

Who this course is for:

  • 3D designers, architects, surveyors, instructors, and students.

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