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Wix Master Course: Make A Website with Wix (FULL 4 HOURS) – Freecoursesite

Wix Master Course: Make A Website with Wix (FULL 4 HOURS) – Freecoursesite

Easily Build a Wix Website Start to Finish – For Yourself, For Your Business, or For Someone Else

What you’ll learn

Wix Master Course: Make A Website with Wix (FULL 4 HOURS) – Freecoursesite

  • Easily Design a Wix Website from Start to Finish

  • Easily Maintain Your Wix Website & Make Routine Updates

  • Have a website published and live that can also be seen on Google

  • Pass on your knowledge of how to create and maintain Wix Websites


  • No Prior Knowledge Is Required, This Is Perfect For Website Beginners


Wix Master Course: Make A Website in 1 Day with Wix!

Learn how to build a Wix Website Start to Finish in 1 Day with the owner of a top web design firm.

I can easily help create an awarding winning website and can also provide service afterward if you need it!


  1. Full Interactive Course with tons of resources that will help you

    learn Wix in 1 Day

  2. I’ve

    created thousands of websites

    so have the eye for design to help you create an impressive website just like I’ve done for many clients.

    Check Out My Company: Luxurious Web Design on Google

  3. This course will also help you master online marketing and be found via Google — there’s no point in creating a website if it can’t be found. You will



    a 12 Page guide called Master Online Marketing Extreme, to help with online marketing – freecoursesite
  4. Once you purchase this course I will keep videos updated with the newest content, so you’re not looking at outdated videos while trying to work on an updated platform
  5. Save tons of money by doing your website yourself
  6. If you need service after the course I can gladly assist you with quick fixes, website redesigns, full website design, graphic/logo design, and online marketing/search engine optimization.


  • Create a Wix Website from start to finish in 1 Day
  • Learn how to plan for creating your website (organizing your wording & photos)
  • Learning the basic features of Wix and the advanced features of Wix
  • Learn what search engine optimization is (SEO) and how you can be found on Google, Yahoo, etc.
  • Learn how to maintain your website and keep it up to date

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners are interested in creating a website on No Coding Required, No Confusing Tools or Software, and No Technical Words you don’t understand involved.
  • Last updated 8/2020

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