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Unity + NoSQL DynamoDB Player Management Leaderboards + More

Unity + NoSQL DynamoDB Player Management Leaderboards + More

Allow Players to Sign in, track their scores and build a leaderboard for players around the world with an NoSQL database

What you’ll learn

Unity + NoSQL DynamoDB Player Management Leaderboards + More

  • Unity

  • AWS

  • DynamoDB

  • Unity Databasing

  • Unity Web Requests

  • Learn Unity Player Management

  • Unity Leadboards

  • Unity Sign In Users

  • Game Databasing

  • Game Dev

  • NoSQL


  • Basic Unity


Take your games to the next level with this course!! Connect your Unity project with a backend database! There is so much that you can do with the information that you will learn from this course. You can track players scores, allow users to sign in and sign out, build a leaderboard of players and connect them from around the world!

Topic Covered:

  • Unity
  • Unity Networking / Webrequests
  • Learn Unity Database
  • Unity Player Management
  • NoSQL Database
  • Lambda
  • API
  • NodeJS
  • Unity UI Work
  • Unity Leaderboards
  • Database Security
  • Password Security
  • Working with JSON

So come along for the ride and take your Unity projects to a whole new level!!!

–Austin Patkos (eJPT, CCP, SAA, DVA, SOA, BCCe) has taught over 30,000 students on Udemy. He is passionate not only about tech but about teaching tech too. Knowing that remembering information isn’t enough, you have to have a deeper understanding to be able to retain all of the information. He teaches in a manner that is sure to help you develop your skills and take you to the next level as a developer. He teaches a careful balance of giving enough information but also taking time to practice it too. Austin has developed these courses to teach people just like how to become better developers.

Who this course is for:

  • Unity Developers
  • Game Devs
  • Last updated 8/2021

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