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Unit Testing in Node.js with Jest – e2e Testing & more

Unit Testing in Node.js with Jest – e2e Testing & more

Nodejs Unit Testing with Jest, e2e Testing, Test Coverage, Test Driven Development (TDD), Mocking, and more

What you’ll learn

Unit Testing in Node.js with Jest – e2e Testing & more

  • In-depth understanding of unit testing

  • Will be able to unit test a complete Node API

  • Understand all about Mocks, Spy, and more

  • Nodejs unit testing & e2e testing using Jest

  • Testing a full REST API

  • Learn how to write unit tests for errors

  • e2e testing of Node API

  • All about Jest

  • Basics of Test Driven Development (TDD)

  • How to generate a Test Coverage Report

  • much more…


  • You should know Nodejs, express, and MongoDB

  • You should know how to build API in Nodejs

  • Basic Testing will be helpful (but not required)


If you have any confusion or question about Unit testing in your mind, then you are at the right place. In this, In-depth Node.js Unit Testing course we will start from scratch and write unit tests with Jest.

Unit testing can be confusing something especially if you are a beginner. In this course, we will start from the basics of Jest and then write units of a complete Jobs API that contains every example.

We will write unit tests for our controllers, models, utils, middleware, and much more. We will talk about handling error cases in Jest and how we can mock different libraries or packages.

You don’t need to be a Node.js expert for this course but you should know basic and should how to build an API. We will cover all the particle cases of unit testing.

We will also take a deep dive into the

e2e Testing in which we will test our API from A-Z to make sure every part of the API is working as expected

. We will also learn how to generate a Test Coverage Report with Jest which will give us an idea of how much code of our API is covered in Unit Testing and e2e Testing.

====== Topic Covered in this Unit Testing Course ======

  • Basics of Unit Testing in Jest
  • Testing API Controllers
  • Testing Middleware’s
  • Testing Models
  • Testing Utils
  • e2e Testing
  • Jest Test Coverage
  • Test Driven Development
  • React Unit Testing Basics – BONUS

If you are willing to learn or improve your Unit Testing skills, I will see you in the course!

Who this course is for:

  • Nodejs Developers
  • Anyone how wants to learn Unit testing
  • Anyone how wants to test API in Nodejs
  • Anyone who wants to write clean code
  • Anyone who wants to learn Jest

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