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This is a very useful ultimate Japanese onomatopoeia lesson – 170 examples!

This is a very useful ultimate Japanese onomatopoeia lesson – 170 examples!

[People ver.] Learn mimetic words that are expressive from a native speaker. Over 170 useful sentences will help you get better.

What you’ll learn

This is a very useful ultimate Japanese onomatopoeia lesson – 170 examples!

  • Deepen your understanding of Japanese anime, manga, and drama expression.
  • Discover the importance of onomatopoeia in Japanese culture.
  • ability to communicate in Japanese using original onomatopoeia
  • ability to pick up onomatopoeic phrases and accent mimic in Japanese.
  • usage patterns for mimic expression.
  • More than 170 practical statements with clear and adorable pictures!
  • Get accurate pronunciation instruction from a native Japanese speaker!


  • Animosity and demeanor
  • You are able to read katakana and hiragana.
  • You know the fundamentals of Japanese grammar?
  • It requires a lot of courage; all you need is a desire to learn Japanese.
  • a setting in which you can express yourself


Hello, and welcome to the world of Japanese onomatopoeia!

We Japanese say a lot of things that sound like what they mean.

If you learn about onomatopoeia, you will be able to better understand and use the sounds used in manga and anime, even in Japanese. You don’t think it’s cool, do you?

I’m sorry to say that most of these sayings aren’t in the Japanese textbook.

despite the fact that we use it a lot in our everyday lives.

You don’t want to learn that, do you?

I am a Japanese teacher in Taiwan. I am a certified Japanese teacher in the real world.

Since all of my students are interested in words that sound like what they mean,

I suggested that my tutoring school add a new course.

But what the school said was bad.

COVID-19 is one of the reasons students don’t go to school.

My tutoring school doesn’t think about online courses or make any.

I told them about it a few times, but they always said no.

In this class, I’ll show you how to say each phrase in both English and Japanese.

Native Japanese speakers can teach you how to say things.

By signing up for this class,

Who this course is for:

  • Whoever is interested in Japanese onomatopoeia expression.
  • Those who want to learn Japanese with fun and read manga and anime more deeply in Japanese.
  • Those who want to use a practical conversation with onomatopoeia.
  • Those who want to know expressions that are not in the usual Japanese textbook

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