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The Complete Guide to Build Serverless Applications on AWS

The Complete Guide to Build Serverless Applications on AWS

Learn to Build Serverless Applications with AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, API Gateway, AppSync, SQS, S3, and many more AWS Services!

What you’ll learn

The Complete Guide to Build Serverless Applications on AWS

  • Learn to Design Real-world Serverless Systems

  • Learn Fundamental AWS Serverless Services for Web Development

  • Learn to Build REST APIs & GraphQL APIs with AWS Serverless Services

  • Learn to Use TypeScript with Serverless Framework

  • Learn to Apply the Principle of Least Privilege in Serverless Architectures

  • Learn to Use Infrastructure As Code to Provision Cloud Resources

  • Learn to Implement Access Controls to Serverless APIs

  • Learn to Deploy Serverless Applications on Multiple Environments (Dev/Test/Staging/Prod)

  • Learn to Build a Continuous Delivery Pipeline with AWS CodePipeline

  • Learn to Write Acceptance Tests for Serverless Backends

  • Learn to Secure Serverless Web APIs against Common Web Exploits

  • Learn to Tackle Real-world Challenges with Serverless Architectures

  • Learn to Build Serverless Event-Driven Architectures


  • Basic knowledge of NodeJS and GraphQL is preferred (Not mandatory)


Welcome to this course! In this course, you’ll learn

serverless fundamentals

and gradually

dive deep into production-ready serverless application implementations


Following this course, you’ll get hands-on experience with serverless services like

AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, AWS AppSync, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Cognito, SQS, SNS, IAM, and

many more services…

What is Covered in the Course?

1. Serverless Fundamentals

This section includes lessons to get you up-to-speed with commonly used serverless services on AWS, such as AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway,  Amazon DynamoDB, IAM, etc… If you are new to AWS, this is a must-to-watch section, and it will help you quickly follow along with the rest of the areas in the course.

2. Serverless REST API Development

In the next few sections, you’ll learn to build a Serverless REST API that handles CRUD operations from scratch. I will cover the following topics:

  • Use the serverless framework to provision and deploy Lambda functions, API Gateway, and DynamoDB.
  • Implement Access Controls to your REST APIs with Lambda Authorizers and Cognito User Pool Authorizers.
  • Use the principle of least privilege to provide minimum permission to the Lambda functions that talk to the DynamoDB tables.
  • How to secure your API with a Web Application Firewall (AWS WAF)
  • How to write acceptance tests for your API
  • How to deploy your API for multiple environments (Dev/Test/Staging/Prod)
  • Many more…

3. Serverless GraphQL API Development

Next, you’ll learn how to build GraphQL API with AWS AppSync for an online book store application. AWS AppSync is a managed GraphQL service that’ll help you make powerful GraphQL APIs quickly. I will cover the following topics:

  • Design the GraphQL schema with Queries, Mutations, and Subscriptions
  • Create AppSync resolvers to communicate with AWS services such as Amazon DynamoDB
  • Implement role-based access control with Cognito User Pool for the AppSync API
  • Implement Guest User Access to the AppSync API
  • Many more…

4. Serverless Use Cases

When building serverless applications, we come across many real-world challenges. So we will cover several real-world use cases and how to build solutions with serverless architectures. I will cover the following topics:

  • How to deal with large payloads
  • How to improve user experience with asynchronous & event-driven architectures
  • How to implement real-time monitoring and troubleshooting architectures
  • Many more…

This course will be constantly updated with new sections with more content to keep up with the innovations that are taking place in AWS serverless world.

Happy Learning!


Who this course is for:

  • Developers who want to build serverless expertise on the AWS cloud
  • Startups who want to build scalable and low-cost web apps

The Complete Guide to Build Serverless Applications on AWS

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