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Sports Nutrition Periodization | Certificate – FreeCourseSIte

Sports Nutrition Periodization | Certificate – FreeCourseSIte

Learn about Sports Nutrition Periodization, Pre-Intra-Post Workout Recommendations, Fueling-Hydration, and Supplementation

What you’ll learn

Sports Nutrition Periodization | Certificate – FreeCourseSIte

  • Nutritional recommendations for strength, intermittent, and endurance sports

  • Training periodization and nutrition strategies for each phase

  • Nutritional periodization for strength sports (e.g. weightlifting)

  • Nutritional periodization for intermittent sports (e.g. football)

  • Nutritional periodization for endurance sports (e.g. multi-stage cycling)

  • Fueling and hydration techniques

  • Nutrition to optimize recovery

  • Performance enhancement supplements


  • Sports or athletic or nutrition background



sports performance and recovery

, nutrition is the missing key.

This course will teach you about

nutrition periodization for strength, intermittent, and endurance sports

. We will speak about

training periodization, nutrition recommendations, hydration strategies, fueling pre – during – post gameday, performance supplements, and recovery techniques

to assist you to

optimize your athlete’s performance


At the end of this course, when you reach

70% or more

in the final exam, you will be

granted your Certificate


This course is part of the

Academy of Sports Nutrition’s “Sports Nutrition Course.”

If you are interested in earning a


with global recognition from



28 CECs

(Continuing Education Credits), check out the

Sports Nutrition Course

on the

Academy of Sports Nutrition


  • Mrs. Athanasopoulou Foteini, MSc, SENr, a Performance Nutritionist and Clinical Dietitian with extensive experience working with elite athletes and teams, will be the presenter of this course.

Pass Mark

: 70% to earn your Certificate!

Lesson Duration

: 1-2 weeks

Lesson Overview:

See Below


Multiple-choice quiz questions


Nutritional Periodization

Course & Exam

: Online

Course Overview

  1. Nutritional Recommendations

    – Recreational training- Intensive training of moderate frequency (2-3h/d)

    – Intensive training of high frequency (3-6h/d)

  2. Training Periodization

    – Training Period- The Annual Plan

  3. Nutritional Periodization for Strength Sports (e.g. Weightlifting)

    – Physiology of the sport- Ideal Competition Weight

    – Training Periodization

  4. Nutritional Periodization for Intermittent Sports (e.g. Football)

    – Football Physiology and Energy Needs- Body Composition Issues

    – Pre-Season Nutrition Strategies

    – Fueling Before and During the Match

    – Nutrition to Optimize Recovery

    – Sport Supplements

  5. Nutritional Periodization for Endurance Sports (e.g. Multi-Stage Cycling)

    – Preparation Goals- Pre-Race and Race Nutrition

    – Daily Race Requirements

    – Fueling on the Bike

    – Train the Gut

    – Performance Supplements

If You Want To Boost Your Performance and Career, This Is The Right Course For You!

Who this course is for:

  • Nutritionists, Dieticians, Sports Coaches, Fitness Coaches, Strength, and Conditioning Coaches, Exercise Specialists, Performance Enhancement Specialists, Personal Trainers, Students, Athletes, Physical Therapists
  • Fitness, Sports & Health Professionals who want to educate themselves in Performance Nutrition and help their athletes optimize their performance

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