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Solving Differential Equation using MATLAB and Modeling

Solving Differential Equations using MATLAB and Modeling

Start learning MATLAB solutions to the physical systems and explore opportunities

What you’ll learn

Solving Differential Equations using MATLAB and Modeling

  • Understand the method for solving differential equations using MATLAB

  • Converting higher order differential equations to first order for solving in MATLAB

  • Understand the mathematical modeling of a physical system

  • Solve any modeled system using differential equations with MATLAB for the control applications


  • Basic knowledge of differential equations


Differential equations are widely used in all engineering branches to model any physical and real-world problems. To Implementation model based Control system, it is also essential to use a model of the system. It is always difficult for students who are beginners in MATLAB to solve any differential equations.  In addition, if the mathematical model, that students intended to solve is of a higher order then students find it difficult to solve as Matlab can only solve first-order differential equations. This course is designed to demonstrate how to solve ordinary differential equations using MATLAB.

MATLAB is capable to solve only first-order differential equations. ieve this course will help students with minimum training time

Who this course is for:

  • For All, who have to solve any differential equations using MATLAB
  • Beginner in MATLAB Coding
  • Any level of engineering students with master’s and PhD

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