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Solar Energy Systems: Configuration, Wiring & Grounding

Solar Energy Systems: Configuration, Wiring & Grounding

You can learn about all of your solar array’s wiring and setting options from the Energy Engineer.

What you’ll learn

Solar Energy Systems: Configuration, Wiring & Grounding

  • You can change the voltage, amperage, and power output of your PV solar array.
  • Direct Current breakers, Fuses, and how they work: This is the Protective Gear.
  • A PV Combiner Box, a single contact PV connector, and MC4 connectors are all part of the wiring and connectors.
  • Grounding and its Value: In this case, grounding rods and PV grounding connections and the other thing


  • Prior knowledge is not required: Everything you need to know will be learned.
  • For Grid Tied Solar Energy Systems, there are a lot of different courses. This one is part of that group: You might also be interested in the other parts of the site.


Welcome to the Solar Energy Fan!

You should have fun with this class! My goal is for you to enjoy it! To read this, means you want to find a good source of information about Grid-Tied Solar Energy Systems. Through this class, I’ll show you how much I know and how I’ve done.

And you’re lucky, too! Through this course, you will learn the basics in a short amount of time. I have included a few short multiple-choice questions in the course that you can use to see if you have learned the material well. We will also go on a lot of virtual trips to the websites of companies that make different parts of a solar system. Bridge the following gaps:I have made this course for you because I have a lot of experience in renewable energy engineering and in the design and installation of PV energy systems. A good deal: I will sum up for you everything I have learned over the years. All you have to do is push the button and start learning. Lucky for you, then!

During this class, we’ll review and learn about the following:

  • Module-to-module options for setting things up.
  • A look at the voltage, amperage, and power values, as well as how they work together.
  • In this case, series and parallel wiring are two ways to do things.
  • Cells and modules have different configurations.
  • It shows module voltages compared to the voltages of Photo Voltaic [PV] cells.
  • PV array power output and voltages are shown.
  • Online examples of solar PV calculators.
  • Overcast and partial shading.
  • Diodes can be wired in a different way.
  • The effect that voltage changes have on power output.
  • Watthours and Amphours
  • Calculations and examples of how to charge a battery.
  • The difference between Alternating Current [AC] and Direct Current [DC].
  • AC frequency and the effective volts vs. peak volts
  • It’s a choice between DC and AC.
  • History of the American Wire Gauge (AWG)
  • The AWG chart and the steps on the gauge.
  • When you buy something, you use Metric Wire to connect it.
  • AWG-to-Metric wire size conversion and the other way around.
  • Solar crimping tools and how they work.
  • A junction box for solar PV
  • When to use bypass diodes in junction boxes and where to find the specs.
  • It is called the Ingress Protection [IP] rating system.
  • Breakers for solar PV and Arc Extinguishing Chambers [AEC’s].
  • An instantaneous rating versus a slow tripping current rating
  • The features and parts of DC breakers.
  • These are some examples of DC circuit breakers.
  • PV Solar Combiner Boxes and examples of how to put them together.
  • Examples of “plug and play” PV boxes.
  • Earth and Grounding: How it works.
  • A lot of people don’t know about grounding rods and how they can help protect you and your computer.
  • It’s where the grounding holes are on your PV modules.

People should act right away. By taking this course, you will be better able to make good decisions for your system.

Who this course is for:

  • Owners of homes
  • Students.
  • Managers of property.
  • Technicians who install things.
  • Specialists in both design and sales.

Solar Energy Systems: Configuration, Wiring & Grounding

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