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Secrets to Effortless Code Editing in Android Studio

Secrets to Effortless Code Editing in Android Studio

The algorithm is more important than the editing. Get things done fast. Learn how to work with Android and Flutter code like a pro.

What you’ll learn

Secrets to Effortless Code Editing in Android Studio

  • With a few keystrokes, you can choose anything you want to buy or look at.
  • You can let Android Studio do the work for you.
  • Move the cursor quickly through a file (navigate to fields, to matching brackets, to bookmarks, or problems)
  • Work quickly with lines without losing the caret’s position.
  • Switch quickly between two or more files.
  • Search Anywhere lets you look for anything in your codebase.
  • Use all of Android Studio’s powerful refactoring tools without moving your mouse.
  • Make your own Live Templates, including the very useful ones. Set up templates around your home or office
  • Don’t stop to think about it.


  • Android Studio can run on Windows, Mac, or Linux, and it can be used to make apps for Android.
  • How to open projects, write code, and save files are some of the basics of Android Studio.
  • Knowledge of basic programming: Kotlin, Flutter/Dart, and Java.


During just 2-3 hours of lectures and exercises, this course takes your skills with Android Studio to a whole new level. Android Studio doesn’t want you to try to remember all of the shortcuts it has. Instead, it teaches you the skills that are important.

It doesn’t matter how many shortcuts you know, but how good you are at them.

It’s about how quickly and easily you can change your code.

The fact that you use Android Studio to make apps in Java, Kotlin, Kotlin Compose, Flutter, pure Dart, or… I don’t know… Haskell doesn’t matter. All of the shortcuts covered can be used in any language that is supported by Android Studio. If you want to use an IntelliJ IDE like IntelliJ IDEA, you can use it with PyCharm, WebStorm, PhpStorm or Rider. You can also use it with CLion, RubyMine or GoLand, too.

Filip Hrbacek is a person who lives in Poland. He is also a game developer who used to be a “Developer Advocate” for Google. He spent a lot of time in front of different IDEs and had to write code in front of people. This made him want to learn how to code quickly and easily, without having to think about it too much. In the past, it was all muscle memory, but it is now all muscle memory.

Who this course is for:

  • They are the people who want to get things done more quickly in Android Studio.
  • People who want to show off their l33t hax0r skills to their coworkers and friends.

Secrets to Effortless Code Editing in Android Studio

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