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Ruby on Rails a Beginners Guide – Free Udemy Courses

Ruby on Rails a Beginners Guide – Free Udemy Courses

A total beginners guide to building a Rails Application

What you’ll learn

Ruby on Rails a Beginners Guide – Free Udemy Courses

  • Have the skills to create a rails application and publish the app live on the web. Students learn the inner workings of rails and get introduced to gems, authentication, the rails console, rails generators, Git Hub, and much more.


  • A little understanding of HTML is helpful, but it’s not required


When developing this course I wanted to focus on the new developer. I have set things up so you can come into this course with no experience and once you complete the lessons you will be able to construct and deploy a Ruby on Rails application. The focus is on


to construct an application and not on “building a

‘Time Machine’

using Rails”.

Some areas covered include MVC, CRUD, Github, Heroku, Rails Console, Cloud 9, Rails Generators, Gems, and other important topics.

Once you have completed this course you will have the skill to build out your very own application using a “step by step” approach or by using Rails generators.

Our first Model is our “User”, we cover how this “Model” can be anything you desire.

We then look at styling your site using Gems and Bootstrap. I also show you resources on where to find cool Bootstrap layouts that you can simply drop into your application.

We then cover how to build an association between a “User Model” and an “Article Model”. This is an important step in any application as it gives the ability to associate objects in your database.

Each Video comes with a text lecture and PDF which allows you to download the code that relates to each video.

We all need to walk before we run and so I hope you will join me on this walk into Ruby on Rails a Beginners Guide.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is designed for beginners. If you already know how to create a site using rails this course is not for you.

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