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React Native Using WebSockets: Live Crypto Prices Mob App

React Native Using WebSockets: Live Crypto Prices Mob App

Using the React Native CLI, TypeScript, and your Websocket server with Socket-IO and APIs, you can make a live crypto prices app for your mobile phone.

What you’ll learn

React Native Using WebSockets: Live Crypto Prices Mob App

  • React Native CLI with NodeJS and the SocketIO library.
  • Build Real-Time Cross-Platform Mobile Apps
  • React to the method.
  • Build a fully functional iOS and Android app that shows the prices of crypto.
  • Learn how to make WebSockets and APIs with NodeJS.
  • Very practical and easy to use without a lot of theory lessons.


  • The Internet is working.
  • Whether it’s a Windows or Mac OS machine.
  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript.


Is there a question you have about how you can connect your mobile app to real-time data sources with WebSockets?

There are so many machines that can be connected to a small app that can send and receive data and commands.

I always make apps that are used in the real world, and I want you to do the same. Because sometimes you want to build the app and then use all these great third-party apps that can add a lot of great features to your mobile app. This is why.

You’ll make a real-time data exchange Crypto Live Prices app for both iOS and Android. You’ll learn how to make the app responsive, navigate between screens, and get and manage data from an outside API.

There is a lot of growth in React Native, and more and more companies of any size are using it to build cross-platform apps with a single code base.

React Native is a lot of theory, but sometimes you just want to build an app and see how it works in real life. In other words, this is how I build my courses all the time, and this is how I learned how to be a developer.

I don’t like to think about things, I like to do things that are real!

In this class, we want to show you how to use the React Native flow and its secrets by building a real-world project. We also want to teach you about React Hooks and Functional Components.

Who this course is for:

  • The newbies at React Native
  • Experienced developers who want to learn more about React Native.
  • Developers who want to learn more about mobile real-time apps and web sockets.

React Native Using WebSockets: Live Crypto Prices Mob App

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