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Radio-Frequency (RF) Circuits and Systems – Basic Concepts

Radio-Frequency (RF) Circuits and Systems – Basic Concepts

Basic Concepts

What you’ll learn

Radio-Frequency (RF) Circuits and Systems – Basic Concepts

  • This seven-course series, for the first time, goes over radio-frequency circuits and systems. All aspects of RF design are covered in this course.

  • Due to its breadth and depth, this course is decomposed into two parts. Part 1 covers basic concepts and system-level architectures. Part 2 covers RF circuits.

  • The students will acquire a deep and hands-on knowledge of RF circuits and systems.

  • This course delivers the essential skillset that is needed for a job in a high-demand Semiconductor industry and especially the field of RFIC.


  • The prerequisite for this course is to know analog electronic circuits and basic circuit theory

  • The second leg of this course may go through Cadence simulation of RF circuits


Radio-frequency (RF) circuits and systems are ubiquitous parts of any electronic gadget and instrument that are widely used by the general public. RF design is often considered to be one of the most challenging areas in electrical engineering. This course series promises a comprehensive overview of RF circuits and systems. The first course covered in this series is primarily on basic concepts in RF design. Concepts such as linearity and noise will be presented and figure-of-merits to evaluate the linearity and noise performance of the RF systems will be introduced.

Specifically, the course first goes over the basics of wireless transmitters and receivers. Next, the fundamental concept of power transfer in RF circuits will be briefly studied. Finally, the course will look at important performance parameters such as receiver sensitivity and dynamic range and study these parameters in terms of noise performance and distortion.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is intended for electrical engineers, graduate students, senior-level undergraduate students

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