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Quotes of Guidance – Free Udemy Courses

Quotes of Guidance – Free Udemy Courses

Learn the deep-rooted knowledge of life in seconds

What you’ll learn

Quotes of Guidance – Free Udemy Courses

  • Plain Truth of Life
  • Ways to achieve Peace in Life
  • Ways to stay focused in the perplexities of Life
  • Guidance needed for Salvation


  • Just being Human

  • Willingness to accept the Truth

  • Preparedness to correct own mistakes


Want to tread on the path of truth the easy way?

Want to learn lessons on human behavior in seconds?

Ever wonder why noble human beings were able to perform great feats of human service and built a strong connection with Allah?

This course is for you!

I will teach you how you can survive your faith and practice your connection with Allah in the easy-most way.

Besides being an engineer, I have been on a spiritual journey since 2004.

In all these years, I have seen the ups and downs of life numerous times.

I have seen the betrayal of those whom I assumed were my best friends.

I may not have earned what society expects me to, but I have spent this time hand-picking the gems of knowledge and wisdom. Today I am sharing these gems of knowledge and guidance in form of quotes of some 30 (or more or less) seconds. I hope you will learn from them and refrain from making the mistakes that I made. My learnings are in line with Qur’an and Sunnah. If you find anything away from them, you are requested to let me know, so that it can be removed.

This series of videos will be ever-expanding until it reaches 2 hours. If needed in the future, the next course can be created with newer lessons in that.

Who this course is for:

  • Seekers of Truth
  • Seekers of Peace
  • Seekers of Serenity
  • Seekers of Stress-free Life
  • Seekers of Practical Spirituality
  • Seekers of Salvation

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Quotes of Guidance – Free Udemy Courses

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